Chapter 3

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Miyuki: "Olórin. I should have known it was you."

Gandalf: "Lady Miyuki, Lord Raiden. It has been long since I've seen you two. Thirteen years its been I believe?"

Miyuki looks at the old wizard whose eyes are twinkling. When she withdrew from the world, she had trusted only one person with her location. Olórin of the Istari, also known as Gandalf the Grey & he had many other names. Miyuki only ever called him Olórin. Gandalf had promised her that he would not reveal her location unless in the time when she was needed most.

Miyuki: "So you were the one who told Lord Elrond where I was hiding. I thought you promised you would keep it a secret?"

Gandalf: "The time calls. Your power is needed to protect this land from the growing darkness."

Miyuki [sigh]: "You just had to send a lord of all people didn't you? Well. You've forced me out of hiding. I said I would help banish the darkness from this land. What more do you want of me?"

Gandalf: "The world has changed. Put aside your hatred for the race of men, your own race. You must let go of the past & see the world with new eyes."

Miyuki [harsh]: "I was a mere child when my village was destroyed, my mother killed right before my eyes. Can you expect me to forget such an event? There is nothing to expect from a race that only seeks power."

Sensing Miyuki's discomfort, Raiden bends down. Taking Miyuki's hand, he kisses it, trying to bring her reassurance from the dark memories. Looking up at him, Miyuki's eyes soften. She leans against him, taking comfort in his presence.

Miyuki [soft]: "I don't expect anything from this world. I only need Raiden. Nothing else."

Gandalf looks at the two of them. All he sees is a young girl. A lonely young girl, starved of love & friendship. All because of the power she possessed.

Gandalf [quiet]: "You might find more than you expect."

Elrond [clearing his throat]: "Ahem."

They had forgotten Elrond was in the room too in all the seriousness of the conversation. Turning to the Elf Lord, Elrond shifts uncomfortably under the piercing gazes of the Miyuki & her dragon.

Elrond: "There is a feast tonight. I hope you will attend?"

Miyuki pondered this. Hiding away since the age of five, she had never attended any large gatherings. The prospect of it frightened her. Looking at Raiden, he dipped his head, indicating it would be impolite to refuse. Miyuki turns back to Elrond.

Miyuki: "I will be there Lord Elrond."

I have made some changes cause I realised I had made a slight mistake. Miyuki has been in isolation since the age of five. She lost her home at the age of three. Thus she would not have met any elves, dwarves or hobbits. Gandalf is an exception because he wanders so he met her before she went into hiding.

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