The War

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They finally found their beloved continent. The sky was gray the grass was painted in blood of the knights who's deaths will not be in vain. It been twenty-two hours since Beta started bleeding. She only has two hours left. A physician was at Loveland. They were on the river. They helped Beta out of the boat. A physician was trying to make sure that some the knights weren't dead. Unfortunately , all of the knights are gone. The physician name's Alexandra. "Alexandra !" She heard a girl cry . She looked over her shoulder it was the girls. Beta had one arm on each girl. She looked deathly pale, the white fabric on her shoulder was red , and thank goodness she was breathing. Beta was too weak to even walk. Alexandra helped the girls with Beta . As Alexandra treated the wound , Rosette realized there was something off in the distance. Ablivian knights . More knights than before. The king of Ablivia unleashed his whole army. "Look !" Rosette alarmed. Josephine took a look. They hurried to get their horses.
In no time. They were at Rosette's palace. Her father was working on attack plans. Rosette and Josephine burst into the room were her father was discussing war with Josephine's and Beta's father. "Dad!" Rosette cried. "Rosette , I told you to stay at Loveland Castle. I also recall telling you to write to me every day." He scolded. "I didn't have paper since all of the knights are all dead and we were captured." Her father looked bewildered "What ? How ?" The king started. "No time to explain. Beta is hurt, and the king of Ablivia unleashed his entire army . We need every army from every kingdom." Rosette said quickly. The kings round up all of the knights. Now the war has begun.
Even though the kings had every knight from every kingdom, the Ablivians out numbered all of the kingdoms. Rosette's teeth were chattering because of the anxiety and Josephine was plainly worried. The two princesses have never wielded a sword. So , this was a new field for them. "Father we don't know how to use a blade." Rosette informed. The king smiled slightly then handed them bow and arrows. Now they're ready. They readied their horses and charged into battle. Rosette and Josephine were firing arrows left and right. Her father was slicing heads with a blade. "I feel a strange sense of entertainment and mortal terror." Rosette said. She saw the king of Ablivia. She pointed her arrow at him and fired right at his throat. She watched him collapse off his hoarse. An enemy knight charged over to her . He slashed his blade across her arm leaving a huge gash. Josephine was still firing arrows. She had many gashes from the blades of the enemy knights. The Ablivian knights' numbers grew smaller and smaller. Finally , they had to surrender. The battle was lost but the war was won.
Even though there was no reason to go back to Loveland Castle , the girls still went there. The scars from the war were still there. They all eventually became queens. (For the better or worse ) Those girls were now called the princesses of Loveland.
This was all fictional Loveland Castle is a real place in Ohio. Henry Andrews made it.

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