The First Day

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Aaron's  P.O.V
I got into the hotel room to hear that I had to share a room with y/n. My face burned at the thought of it. So I went into her room and saw her in her costume. She was stunning. " um hey y/n I guess we have to share a room." She turned around to reveal that the costume showed a lot of her chest. I felt like I was starting to get a nosebleed. " Aaron are you ok?" She asked. "Um yeah I'm ok I'm gonna go change ok?" I said " ok." She answered.
Y/n P.O.V
I felt so calm knowing my roommate was Aaron. I feel so at ease around him. He came out of the bathroom with no shirt on. I soon realized he was grey fullbuster. Grey was my anime senpai so I really liked Aaron's costume.
Time skip to the convention
I walked around with Aaron and we did some cosplay which was really fun. I felt great hanging out with Aaron all day until Travis came along with the guys. When they looked at me their jaws dropped and their noses were bleeding. " Uh y/n I can see ur uh chest." Travis said. "Oh I know." I said. Travis then walked closer to me with a smirk on his face. I was a little scared so I backed up. Travis just kept walking towards me. I was now extremely scared.
Aaron's P.O.V
I was walking back to y/n from getting a snack to see her backed into a corner and Travis walking towards her. I felt rage go through out my body. I could see the fear in y/n's e/c eyes. I ran over towards them and punched Travis right in the face. Y/n looked at me like she was about to cry. She ran into my arms and squeezed me. " thank you." She cried out. "Shh it's ok now." I said to calm her down. When the first day was over we went back to our room and y/n went to the bathroom to change. She came out in her pjs and then I went to change. When I was changing I heard y/n singing.

She was an angel in my eyes she is beautiful and perfect but I can't tell her that. Not after Lilly.
Me and Lilly were on a date and I was going to propose to her. We were sitting on a hill watching fireworks. Lilly then said she had to use the bathroom and I told her to go ahead. When she came back I was going to propose to her. I waited. She didn't come back so I went to see if she was ok. When I got to the bathroom I saw her on the ground covered in blood. I screamed for help but nobody came. I called the police and she was taken to the hospital just for me to be told she was dead. I knew I would never love again.
Flashback end
Y/n P.O.V
I was ready to sleep until I heard crying from the bathroom. I opened the door to see Aaron in his underwear crying on the floor. I ran to him. " Aaron please don't cry it makes me sad." I hugged him. He looked at me and hugged back. He was crying more when he hugged me. I suddenly felt a strange feeling in me. I felt courage and love I think. I lifted his head and kissed his cheek. He stopped crying instantly. He looked at me and I said "Aaron please don't cry anymore." He agreed and he finished getting changed it was late now and we were tired so we both went to bed.

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