I am From

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I am from misty lights.

From Dr.Pepper and first aid kits.

I am from the white and blue trailer on the left.

From the smell of breakfast every second of the day.

I am from the plant in the window that's really just a bunch of leaves.

The pine tree in the front yard that i fell off of and got 13 stitches.

II am from heart tattoos and long legs.

I am from John Ross and Sonya Tully.

From biting your nails and hurting yourself,

and I am from goofing off in public.

I am from "Shut up and do your homework!!"

and "Let me give you a reason to cry!"

and I am from "Smile" by Avril Lavigne.

I'm from going out every Thursday.

I'm from North Oaks Hospital and Scottish heritage and guys who wear plaid skirts.

I am from mac & cheese and pizza.

From my dad cutting the weeds outside the house and slicing his leg open.

I'm from long talks with Kaylin and my best friends who can help me with anything.

A picture of my mom and bo on my bed-side-table.

And the memory of when it was taken that will never go away.

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