Dear Diary of Mine... [My public Diary] December 18, 2009

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Dear Diary of Mine... [My public Diary]

December 18, 2009



Dear Diary,




Was just so...not what I expected.

It all went through the wrong foot.

I got money yesterday, from my daddy, but pretty much, I had to pay for the stinking cheese mom needed, to make the stuff I had to take today for school.


There goes 200 bucks.

I only have a 100 left.

I might see like a money lover, but I'm not, I just hate to spend money, well, I'm trying to raise enough to buy myself another phone.

My poor bubble of purpleness, had gotten stolen earlier on this month, it was mostly my fault, but Hey! What else could I have done, gotten my self killed over some piece of plastic.

I feel like I'm betraying it, but it's him or me, and I'll always pick me' over him'.

Whatever, I'm over it.

I only miss my music...

What shall I listen to now?!

Well, I still have...

Yeah, I'm over it.

Moving along.

Today was the Christmas farewell party, its was in my classroom, the dress code today was red or green.

I was like 'what the fuck! can't we come how we want to' But like always the answer was NO!

School administration Sucks!

And I shamelessly type it out.

I had to take 'baleadas' and my mom and aunt where making them for me.

(If you don't know what it is, it's FOOD, it's one of my countries traditional meals.)

Obviously, I'm not ALLOWED near the kitchen.

I can cook, but they think I'll 'burn' the house down.

Dramatic much.

Today it was pouring rain, horrible, I hate the cold, and hate the heat, and's worst, that's what we get for Christmas, not SNOW, just plain and ugly RAIN.

Christmas Farewell at school , was just... BORING! I didn't want to wake up at all, and it took me a while to find a decent red blouse, at school it was all quite well, boring.

We just ate and ate.

Well, they did, I wasn't 'feeling well' so I just drank some coca-cola and ate some ice-cream.

Yumm... Vanilla and chocolate chips.

Anyways, after trying to sneak out of the class, to go to my old classroom (7th grade), we were almost out Amy, Mary and I were about to run there, but unluckily for us, we got caught.

So close...

Our classes are a door away.


The music was kept undecided, that's what you get when you let the guys chose, by the the other 8th grade got included into our classroom, because both 8th grades weren't all present.

Lucky me, I almost lost my hat.

We took several pictures, and shacked our butty a little.

**Moving along**

We were finally allowed to go out of the classroom, our first choice of direction was our old classroom.

Time to DANCE!!

What we did was mostly dance to ''Como se mata el gusano?''

And do the dance, if you don't know what it means, ''How do you kill the worm?''

It's a Spanish song, obviously.

And well its meaning...I shall not say.

NO! I'm not a pervert!

But the song is so sticky, I'm gonna show you a lil piece jay.


Ahora, les voy a enseñar

Comoe se mata el gusano.

Se levantan las manos

Asiendo un movimiento sensual.

Y como se mata el gusano?

El gusano se mata asi

Se mata asi,

Se mata asi

Asi, asi asi asi, asi, asi!

Muere gusano


Muere gusano


Muere gusano



And then it goes all over again, it's very jumpy, I like it.

It's 'punta', so there goes if your wondering what genre it is, yes I'm int that, but it's because of my 'love to my country, and what not'.

I didn't at first...but listening to it a lot, got to me.

We danced to that, and then 'Sexy Chic' by Akon, and other songs.

'Raspamos', which is our term to grind, but in a more none nasty way. It's just a silly version of grinding.

You should try it.

We left after our Math teacher told us to, our Lab teacher was giving out weird looks as we danced.

One word...


Anyways, we left much later I said bye to all my friends, and me and Amy went to the back to wait for our rides.

Her brother picked her off, and then me my sisters (Carla and Stacy) and my mom left for home.

Now I'm home, doing absolutely nothing.

I'm just with my love and life...My computer.

And lets not forget the Ethernet.

I'm nothing without that..

And Electricity.

Fun regards,

Lola the Magnificent =P

///There goes my pitiful day.

P.S. It was hard for me to find the video on youtube, but I found one, but it's only the audio, but its that song, like it?///

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