Chapter 1

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The lads are going to leave in two weeks for two whole months which is quite sad because I've never been alone for that long. I need to stay here since I have to go to the University and I can't miss any classes. They are going to support 5 Seconds of Summer on their European Leg of the Tour.

I once was on Tour with my Brothers Band DON BROCO well I didn't join them for the whole tour just a few shows. They were the support act for Bring Me The Horizon back then and let me tell you the shows I've seen were amazing.

I got drunk like every night on that tour which Simon didn't like. That was the reason why I wasn't allowed to join them for the whole tour. Si decided that I was allowed to visit once in a while but made me promise not to get drunk again.

It sucks when you're not allowed to stay with your Brother but I couldn't do anything.


I've been studying none stop for the last two weeks. I've been told that I get to graduate early last week and now I'm going to graduate next week. I didn't tell anyone and I'm not planning on telling anyone either. But since I'm graduating in a week it means I can actually join my Brother for the tour.

I've been planning everything for the last week and I already booked my flight. I'm going to join them in Paris. I'm leaving the day of my Graduation. I'm not even going to attend the Ceremony because I'm picking up everything the day before. My flight leaves at 8am so I should be in Paris at around 9:30-10am. The day after my Graduation is my Brother's Birthday. I'm going to explain everything later.

I'm at the Airport with my Brother and the lads sending them off and saying my final Goodbyes. It was hard for Si to leave me behind since he thinks he's not going to see me for two months and I'm his Baby Sister.

>Are you sure you don't need anyone to look after you? You know what I'm just going to stay here and take care of you.< Simon was overthinking while we were hugging.

>Si I'm 18 not 8. I don't need someone to take care of me. I can handle everything myself. Now go and have fun on Tour with these Dorks over there and make me proud.< I pushed him away from me and towards the Gate. He looked sad because I know he's going to miss having me around.

>Bye Lads.< I said waving at them. >You better rock those shows.< I was wearing a proud smile on my face while waving.

The Lads waved back and left right after to catch their plane.

My smile only grew bigger when they were out of sight. They don't know that I'll be in Paris in a week. I turned around and walked back to where I parked Simon's Range Rover. When I got in I sat still for a few minutes just thinking about how lonely I'm going to be for the next week.

I turned the car on and made my way back home but did a quick stop at Starbucks. Nothing makes me as happy as Starbucks. If you haven't already figured it out I am a Starbucks Addict.
When I got home I got this feeling of loneliness. It's weird being completely alone in this big house. Normally there would be noises everywhere since the boys are always over to practice or to just hang out.

I don't really have any Friends since I mostly stay at home and study. Okay anyway let me explain why I get to graduate from University at 18. I've always been a huge Nerd meaning I only got A's and I may or may not have skipped a few years because I was so good. I applied for University at the age of 15 and started attending the classes just a month after. I normally would need to attend classes for another semester but since I'm graduating in a week that's irrelevant.

So this was Chapter 1 and I hope you liked it. Please give me some feedback since I'm still new to writing FanFictions. It may take a while till Chapter 2 is up since I need to write it first. See ya later. Sanny x

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