My New Home

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Y/n P.O.V
I had just moved to a place called Mystreet to live with my cousin Lucinda. I'm not actually much of a witch but I have extremely powerful magicks. I had all my things packed Which I don't have much but a good amount. I arrived after an hour long drive to Lucinda's house.
Lucinda's P.O.V
"Hi y/n it's so good to see you. Let me help you with your stuff!" "Uh sure um hi Lucinda." She said shyly. I know y/n doesn't really feel comfortable around people due to her sad and painful past, so that's why I'm letting her live with me. She really will only talk to me and I want to help her so she won't be so shy. " Y/n how about I show you around!" " Oh uh ok I guess."
Y/n P.O.V
Lucinda took me around and surprisingly it wasn't so bad,but then we came to a brown house and Lucinda knocked on the door.
Aaron's  P.O.V
I heard a knock on my door so I went to open it. I saw Lucinda and a girl that looked strangely familiar. I knew her from somewhere. Suddenly she yelled " Aaron!" She hugged me and I instantly remembered her. "Y/n?!" I called her name. I knew her from high school. She was bullied a lot so I defended her. She started to cry into my chest so I hugged her and said "shhh it's ok now you don't have to cry." Suddenly I hear Lucinda fangirling and I suddenly blush wait I'm BLUSHING! After a few minutes of talking Lucinda and y/n left. I missed y/n so much.
Y/n P.O.V
I woke up to Lucinda saying "good morning sleepy head." She gave me a warm hug and said that I needed to get ready. I looked out the window to see it was still dark outside. " Lucinda it's still dark why do I have to get ready?" I asked. " Well why don't you ask everyone else." She said. I then got out my phone
K= Katelyn A= Aphmau KC= Kawaii chan Y= you AR= Aaron
I made a group chat to ask some of the people I got along with what was going on.
Y: Hey guys Lucinda got me up early and said to ask you guys why.
K: Y/n your silly.
A:how did you forget?
AR: we're going to a-con.
Y: what's a-con?
All girls: WHAT?!
AR: it's an anime convention.
Y:oh and when do we leave for it?
AR: in about two hours.
My eyes widened and I rushed around to pack and get ready. It only took me an hour so I went to the store to get some snacks.
Aaron's  P.O.V
I was ready to go to a-con so I went to the store to get snacks for the ride there. When I got inside I saw y/n and went up to her. She turned around and gave me a hug. I could feel my face steam a little.

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