3|| training

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You rolled your eyes as Natsu and Gray run past you toward the sparkling ocean. Like usual the two of them has their little competition to see who's better.

In the corner of your eye you saw a former member of the disbanded phantom six, Juvia Lockser. She was hiding behind a palm tree while staring compassionately at Gray. You chuckled to yourself thinking that your stripper friend has a little stalker. You let a small smile appear on your face, "that's cute" you mumbled sarcastically. Apparently, you spoke loud enough to earn yourself a death glare from the blue haired stalker. But it didn't bother you much. So with a shrug, you stared right on back at her till she gave up and turned back to gawk at her beloved. You clicked your tongue with boredom and looked back out at the enchanting ocean.

Small time skip:

Throughout the rest of the day, there wasn't much training, just a bunch of absentminded antics. You knew if they kept this up they wouldn't be strong enough for the Grand Magical Games. Which knowing them, something will happen and it'll go their way. It's almost magical, how it all falls into place. Like setting stones.

As time passed, the fairy tail team began to get more serious about training. Pumped and ready to go the team was training like there's no tomorrow. That was until Virgo, one of Lucy's spirits, came to them seeking aid for their spiritual world, which was in supposedly in ruins.

Dumfounded, Team Natsu gathered around the spirit maid as she told the horrid story of the corrupt spirit world. However, you didn't believe a word she had said. She was too calm and her story was too acted out. You silently thought to your self. You don't need to remember anything if the truth is being told. The maidens eyes glazed over you as though she heard your thoughts. Unsure who you were, she adjusted her gaze back to Lucy and continued her story.

Time passed and the spirit maid bowed, asking for help once more. There was a silent pause of thoughts before answers came. Of course, the team agreed to help her in anyway they can. Virgo smiled and bowed once more to show her appreciation. Within a few seconds the team was swept up in a colorful cloudy magic and was taken to the celestial world.

Before them, was celestial spirits of different kinds and stand high and proud was the celestial king himself.
His arms flew out broadly and his long, white mustache moved as he spoke. "Welcome, my friends. To my home, the celestial world. We have all been worried about you while you were absent for 7 years. And now that you have returned. We must celebrate!"

You watched as your friends were greeted by the spirits. They danced, laughed, and chatted feverishly. Unlike them, you just stood silently in the shadows while munching on some of the food that was displayed throughout.

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