Break up and make up

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Jessica's P.O.V


"Listen, I'm sorry"


' last night Justin went out with his friends and got wasted so he couldn't control his self. Then he tried to kiss another girl'

"Babe, I can't remember doing that" he said so calm, probably because he knew he did something wrong.

"I don't care, you know what I've had enough" I say getting up,going upstairs pulling out a suitcase and started packing my clothes.

"W what are you doing?" He asked tears forming in his eyes.

"What I should of done a long time ago" I suddenly regretted what I just said.

"SO YOU REGRET GOING OUT WITH ME?" He shouted tears now streaming down his face.

"No Justin I didn't mean it" I was now feeling real bad for what I just said.

But then again he should he kissed another girl. With the anger building back up I zipped the suitcase back up and stormed downstairs with it. Justin soon followed trying to stop me.

"G Goodbye J justin." I barley said louder than a whisper.

I walked to my car putting the suitcase. I got in the front of the car and drove to my friends house.


I knocked on the door and Paisly opened the door and hugged me as she saw the tears down my cheeks.

"What's happened?" She asked me.

I told her everything that happened. She just hugged me and. Said everything was going to be okay.

I told her to shut up because that sounded something Justin would say.

Then we drifted off to sleep.


When I woke up I had 64 messages and 32 missed calls.

I read a couple messages

New message from Justin :

Jessica please come home I'm really sorry :(

New massage from Justin :

Jess pleaseeeeeee come home xx

New massage from Justin

Babe I'm so sorry come home please come home and we can sort everything promise xoxo

I read a few and deleted the rest not even bothering to read them.

"You need to call him" Paisly said walking through the door

" I know last night I was kinda over reacting"

"Well I wouldn't say you was but you still need to talk to him"

"Okay" I moaned and picked up the phone

"NO you need to talk to him personally" she said snatching the phone away from me.

"Okay I'll go"

I got up and walked to the car and drove to our house.

I got out my key and opened the door and walked in. I went into the living room to find what looks like a bomb hit it. There was beer cans everywhere a bit of smashed glass, a couple things broken and on the sofa a sleeping Justin.

I decided to clean everything up as you finished cleaning Justin woke up.

'Typical Justin as soon as the works done he wakes up'

You thought to yourself.

"Jessica" he mumbled.

"What?" I asked a little harsh.

"I'm sorry" he said sitting up facing me.

I knew he really meant it because he's never acted like this EVER.

"I know" I mumbled.

"Do you forgive me?" He asked.


Then he came up to me hugging me and telling me it won't happen again.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too."


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