Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

It only took about ten minutes to find a farmyard that looked promising. A well-tended farm came up on the right side of the highway starting with freshly mowed ditches. A well-maintained white three-board fence lined pastures that still held grazing cattle and horses.

Mike slowed as he approached the farm’s driveway. “Guys, watch carefully for any of the undead. Call out if you see anything, okay?” He waited for each boy to acknowledge his request before he turned into the driveway.

He slowly drove the truck into the yard, carefully watching for undead. Nothing had appeared by the time he had parked in front of the neat little bungalow that was the family home.

The yard was as tidy as the rest of the farm. Well tended flower beds surrounded the house. A weed-free lawn, cut short, filled every part of the yard except for the parking and driveway area. A five hundred gallon fuel tank stood beside a compact, red horse barn.

Mike found himself wishing he could stay and escape the craziness of the world. He turned to face the Scouts in his truck. “Okay guys. Everything looks peaceful here, but we can’t assume it is or will even stay that way.”

“So, what do you want us to do, Scouter Mike?” Martin asked.

“Great question, Martin,” Mike said. “Since you guys have the most experience handling the undead, I want you four to keep the other Scouts out of trouble. Teach them what you know and, if anything happens while the other leaders and I are looking for supplies, get them to safety.”

“Safety, Scouter Mike?” Todd asked.

“Yes, safety, Todd!” Mike said. “You boys know how to take care of one or two of them. Work with the others to learn your tricks if only a few of the undead show up. If more come, get the Scouts into the vehicles. I want each of you older boys to get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle in case you need to pull out of the yard. Do you understand?”

“You want us to drive away from you?” Kyle asked.

Mike looked Kyle in the eyes. “Kyle, I know you can drive. Why is that a problem?”

“I’m not worried about driving, Dad. I just don’t want to leave you all behind.”

“I’m not asking you to leave us behind, Kyle. Just get the Scouts out of the yard and onto the highway. Go as far as you need to so you are all safe. If that is the end of the driveway, that is fine. Steve, Shaun and I can outrun the walking corpses if we have to.”

“Oh. Okay, Dad,” Kyle said. “I guess we can do that.”

“As long as you don’t expect us to leave you behind,” Martin agreed.

Mike looked out the windows of the truck and noticed the rest of the Scouts were parked around the yard. The boys were already getting out of the vehicles. “Get out there guys. Teach them well!”

Mike and the four Scouts got out of the truck with the boys immediately rounding up a few Scouts each. Mike walked over to Shaun and Steve who were standing aside and talking.

“Place looks pretty good, don’t you think, Steve?” Mike said.

Steve nodded. “As close to perfect as we are going to get. I’m a little worried about the boys though. What are they going to do while we search for supplies?”

“You are thinking the same way I am,” Mike said. “I don’t want them going into the buildings. We have no idea what is in them.”

“So, what do we do?” Shaun asked.

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