Chapter 12: Plan

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Nick's P.O.V.

Something was up, I wasn't sure what but something was definitely happening. I heard bits and pieces from the two dimwits named Gunther and Soasire, that in three days they were going to move us to the, what might be, the final transaction point. My ears perked when I heard Anton's deep voice interrupt the wolves, "That is if they give us the money. If they refuse, you two are to kill that fox and show them as an example on what we do if we don't receive what we want, understood?" He snapped at the two. I didn't hear anything, but it was quiet so they must've agreed. I was shocked, if I died, then who would protect the kids. I ain't dying until I get these kids to safety. I rushed over to the kids who were sleeping in a pile, to keep each other warm. "Hey, kids wake up." I whispered in a loud tone. "They're coming. Do as they say and follow my lead." I said as they drowsily woke up and rubbed their sleepy eyes. The metal door flung open. "Alright, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way wouldn't require ropes, if you agree to obey and comply with our orders. The hard way of course is with ropes and brute force." Gunther barked as he held onto a bunch of rope. "So what'll it be?" He said. I looked at the kids and knelt down. "Alright guys, we do as they say, I don't want anyone to get hurt, okay?" I said loud enough for Gunther to hear. They nodded in agreement. "We'll take the easy way if that's alright with you." I said as I stood up and held onto Juniper's paw and linked her other paw with the other's paws. Gunther let out a warning growl, but I didn't react, I kept my calm. He led us to the same van, that each of us was kidnapped in. An idea immediately sprang into my mind. I let the kids climb into the back of the van first, as Bagheera entered the van last, I stood there for a moment, refusing to budge. Gunther marched up to me, "Move you're tail, fox!" He yelled harshly. I froze for a moment and thought about what he said. "Hmm, how bout.... No!" I said and socked him right between the eyes. He yelped in surprise. Too loud though, about 2 miles from the entrance of the hideout, out came Anton and Soasire, surprised at what I did, the raced towards me. I snatched the keys from the unconscious wolf and slammed the van doors closed and ran to the front seat ad locked the doors. I revved the engine and sped fast, Anton and Soasire hot on my tail.

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