I’m the Alpha of my pack, or at least I was until Peidro Williams claimed munity against me and killed my Beta.  I found Peidro and some wolves that he was traveling with; I asked them if they would like to join my pack, not knowing what they were going to do.  They attacked me in my sleep and wounded me severely.  He then claimed my alpha position, taking my mate Eden as well and casted my out of the pack. That was three months ago.  Now I’m just traveling around the east coast of the United States, just living the way of the wolf, only going human to look for some wolves who would like to join me in a new pack, and learn news of a my old wolf pack attacking other packs that surrounded the pack territory. My name is Xavier Howlett, and this is my story of how I managed to keep my dignity and start a new life in the town of Marburg.

Xavier Howlett ------------------}

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