~ Four ~

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It's Impossible Now

"After three years, Evan is back," Cynthia, her nanny, told her while Phoebe was deeping herself in the jacuzzi located at her room's balcony. "As usual, he's still percolating with raw sex appeal. The girls in the mansion are getting crazy again."

She was closing her eyes but the mention of his name made her opened them.

"Have you seen him? He was here in the mansion this morning?" the nanny asked.

"Yes, we met at the sitting hall."

"How was it, dear?"

"Nothing remarkable."

Cynthia knew that Phoebe was a secretive girl. However, of all people in the mansion, it was she only who knew at least something about Evan and Phoebe. "You cried a lot when he left."

Phoebe once again closed her eyes. It was true. She did cry a lot.

"Let's forget about it, nanny. I'm getting married now."

Hearing the bitterness in her mistress' voice, Cynthia just decided to cease talking about the topic. "Yes, yes... and speaking of getting married, your fiancé sent a gown for you to wear tonight. The box is on your bed."

"Thanks, nanny."

"He will also be sending a driver to fetch you."


"Okay, dear. I'll just wait for you inside. But you still have a lot of time for your bath. So... take your time."

Once Cynthia was gone, Phoebe's mind brought her to the past.


Arriving at his pad, Evandros immediately went to his bed and lay down in prone position. He just arrived in Athens last night and he was supposed to take his rest today. However, his master and guardian, Hector Perkos, told him to report to the Perkos mansion early. At first, he kind of hesitated to go there. He was actually hoping that he would be called to the corporate building instead.

As what he already expected, he really met Phoebe there. Evandros clenched a fist and buried his face in the pillow. Seeing her only made everything so painful today... If it would only be possible to run away from her forever, he would do it.

For like an eternity, his face was buried deep in the pillow.

Then, the phone in his pocket rang. At first, he didn't have any plan to answer it but it didn't stop ringing.

Still with his face in the pillow, his hand searched it in his right pants' pocket and, without bothering to see who was calling him, he brought it to his left ear.

"Hello," he answered it.

"You sound sick," remarked by a woman's voice in the other line.

Evandros cleared his throat and turned his body to lay his back on the bed. "W-Who's this?"

"I can't believe you're forgetting my voice, méli. You're just gone for three years and you've forgotten me already," the sexy voice sounded complaining. "Well, I called to see you. I'll be attending a party tonight. I need a date."

"Deia," he mumbled after realizing who was calling.

"Finally, you recognize me!"

Evandros pressed a thumb and a forefinger in his left temple. Deianira Flokas was someone he dated three years ago. She was just a fling and he couldn't believe that this woman detected his arrival.

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