Holly And Dean Ambrose

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Today Was You And Your Boyfriends Dean Ambrose Anniversary , and you guys have been dating for 3 years . Today he had a surprise for you which you were eager to find out . You guys flew to Florida but he distracted you making you to shopping before you could come to the hotel . Finally he was done . And you were excited for your surprise .

As soon as you got up into the penthouse suite, you saw there was already a plate of Strawberries, and whip cream, there were also candles lit in the bathroom and a bath was already made. You looked around and took the sight of the room in awe. Not only was the view outside, perfect, but Dean had the the room set up in advance so that once you got there, would have the most perfect and relaxed time of your life.

"Thank you." You said and put your arms around him and kissed him sweetly.

"No need to thank me yet." He said and picked you up again and brought you into the bathroom.

Slowly Dean started stripping you of your clothes, he held your hand and helped you inside the tub. "Relaxed, sweeite?" He asked .

"Yes." You nodded your head.

"Good." He went out and came back in with the Strawberries and whip cream.

As you laid in the tub he pulled up a chair and sat out beside it, as he fed you.

After you had enough, he put the plate away out in the main room. He came back in and stared at you.


"You look so relaxed in there, I'd like to join you."

You smiled. "Well, this tub is large enough for two." You bit your lip. "Actually I think more than two people could fit in here but-" You were cut off by his lips.

"Two is perfect. I don't want to share you with anyone." Dean whispered to you before stripping down and getting into the tub with you.

He put his arm around you and kissed you, his hand under water, caressing your thigh. You wrapped your arms around him, deepening the kiss. You kissed him from his lips to his neck. Dean stopped and got out of the tub. You looked up at him and frowned .

"Tease ." You pouted .

"Babe, turn that frown upside down." He tapped your nose and helped you up out of the tub, carrying you into the bed room and putting you down on the bed.

You couldn't help but moan as he kissed down your stomach and down to your legs , he slowly left kisses up your thighs and until he reached your womanhood . You giggled as he kissed your thigh .

You moaned his name softy and he kept going . Right now you were enjoying this moment , and at that , he was being gentle with you . Which you always loved . Dean had his ways with you . But this was one was your favorite .

He came back up to you and kissed on your neck leaving small hickeys . You wrapped your legs around him and he kissed your lips and he groaned against the kiss . He slowly slid into you and you gasped breaking the kiss . He began to go gentle and sweet . The room filled with moans and groans from you and Dean . He went a little faster , but not too rough or fast . You moaned and dug your nails deep into his back and he kept groaning your name .

"Dean !" You moaned out loud .

He groaned your name once again before you both reached your climax. You both were sweating heavily, and breathing hard . He cuddled you closer to him.

"I love you Holly . Happy Anniversary . " He said .

"Happy Anniversary Dean . I love you too. " He kissed you passionately.


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