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When the knight was gone Josephine plucked a hair pin out of her hair and began to fumbled with the lock. It only took a minute or two for her to unlock the lock on the cell door. Finally she was finished with the lock. She swung open the door . The girls quickly ran out of the cell.
A guard was standing at the exit of the damp smelly dungeon. The girls crouched behind the wall. He paced back and forth. Two steps to the left , five steps to the right then three steps to the left. He stopped for a minute. A strong branch was laying by the guard. Rosette went ahead picked the stick. She snuck over to the guard and "WHAM !!" The guard was knocked out. She dropped the stick and whispered "All clear." The girls left the smelly dungeon they came to the throne room. The king was right there . The girls didn't know what to do. Josephine was fiddling with her white night gown which gave Beta a brilliant idea. "Rip a piece of all of night gowns. "She said . Each girl tore a piece of fabric their white night gowns. "RIIIP !" It made a huge noise which echoed through the corridors of the castle which made it seem like they're were on the other side of the castle. Guards and the king flooded to the other side of the castle almost immediately. The girls quickly ran over to the gate . It had a padlock. Rosette remembered the guards steps. "Here let me try." Rosette whispered. Two to the left, five to the right, and three to the left. She gave it a tug. It was unlocked ! They're home free. Then the king burst into the throne room. The girls quickly pushed the gate open. "Get them !" The king ordered. They ran as fast as they could with the guards right on their tales . They heard the barking of blood hounds. They found a small boat. "Hurry." Josephine cried in a panic. All of the girls into the boat. And to their dismay, the boat was tied. Josephine quickly unraveled the knot . The blood hounds and guards were getting closer and closer. She finally got the boat loose. A blood hound had its jaws open to bite, but the vicious beast missed her by a hair. They were now sailing back to Loveland. Josephine took a shaky breath. Beta's vision began to go blurry. She collapsed onto Josephine. "Beta ?" Josephine asked worried. Her night gown began to go red at the shoulder. She was bleeding again. If she looses enough blood , she would die." Josephine went from worried sick to serious "How long do we have ?" She asked. Rosette looked at Beta "How long have you been bleeding, Beta ?" Beta answered in pain "Just now." Rosette looked back at Josephine "We have twenty four hours."

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