1- Midtown High

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My head was dropped on my arm, my shoulders hunched over. I felt a small hand grip around my arm, shaking me from my hazy dreams. My eyes slowly cracked open, seeing a wall of red hair and for a moment my brain froze, my body stiff and sore. For a quick second, I had no idea where I was. "How long have you been in here?" Mary Jane Watson was peering down at me, her hair falling over her shoulders, her eyes full of a familiar concern.

I sat back, running a hand across my mouth where a line of drool had seeped from my open mouth as I slept soundlessly. Dark strands of hair stuck to my lips and I awkwardly pushed them away, giving her a pained look. "Uh, all afternoon."

I was seated in the empty school library, my physics textbooks flung around me. Papers with messy writing scribbled across the pages were stacked neatly, my laptop's black screen staring at me. My eyes scanned the library, the late afternoon light shinning through the wall of windows. Mary Jane shook her head lightly, shifting up the backpack that perched on her back. I started packing up, dumping my books into my own bag and giving her a quick frown. "Did drama class run late or something?"

"You know I had rehearsal for the play. I've only mentioned it a hundred times, Florence." Mary Jane grabbed a few textbooks for me, cradling them in her arms. We both knew there were too many textbooks to fit in my bag. "I thought you had plans with Gwen."

I gaped at her, cursing myself. "What's the time?"

"Nearly six." Mary Jane shrugged. "You forgot, didn't you?"

I lamely sighed, brushing back the hair that had fallen in my face again. "I didn't forget, I just...lost track of time. I needed to finish this paper and get my parents to read over it before handing it in. You know how much it means to me--"

"To beat out Peter Parker," She finished my sentence, with a little roll of her eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I know, Flo. We hear about this every single day."

I got to my feet, kicking in my chair and widening my eyes across at her. "I don't talk about Peter Parker everyday. I think with Gwen and yourself, you've both got that covered."

Mary Jane poked her tongue at me as we passed through the open doors of the library and headed down the empty halls of Midtown School of Science and Technology or simply known to the students as Midtown High. "I just don't know why you don't like him."

I had hated Peter Parker ever since he wandered into my life, pushing me off my throne for the smartest student in our grade. We were around ten years old and he had beaten me in our school science fair, his volcano bigger and far better than my own. He took the shining glory of first place and I landed in second place, a pathetic ribbon for all my hard work. Ever since that day, I had fallen in behind the boy genius.

"I just can't stand him," I simply replied, giving her a stern nod of my head. Both Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy knew my hatred for Peter Parker, they found it somewhat amusing. "It's not a big thing, some people just don't get along."

We pushed through the glass doors at the end of the corridor and found the warm night air flooding around us. In the far distance the football team were still on the back field, a game coming up far too quickly. "Do you want to come to my place for dinner? I've already texted Gwen."

I chewed on the inside of my cheek knowing I would be arriving at home to a dark house and a frozen meal in the freezer. "Do you think Gwen will be mad with me for missing our plans?"

Mary Jane shrugged, "Most likely but you know Gwen, she always forgives you."

She wasn't wrong. "Okay, sure." I replied with a tiny smile. "Mum and dad will still be at Oscorp." With my response, Mary Jane linked her arm through my own, giving me her pretty smile. Her red hair flew around her shoulders as we made our way out of the school's court yard and into the busy streets.

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