Don't Tell

Hell. Was what it felt for Magenta when she woke up in a veterinarian office. Which was new for her since she had woken up in various unusual places. Her hands reached up to her heck to feel that it had healed, but her arms were burning. It showed a fainting werewolf marking and a werewolf. Magenta turned around to see Stiles with two other people.

"He's been poisoned by a rare wolfsbane." A adult told Stiles. While Stiles and another guy held onto Brett's violent shaking body. "I need to make an incision and you need to hold him as still as possible."

"Hey, Derek, how about a little werewolf strength?" Stiles told the guy named Derek.

"Yeah, I'm not the only one here with werewolf strength." Derek told Stiles.

"He's right. But I have Magenta strength." Magenta announced her presence as her eyes flashed their color. She was only able to see the color magenta before everything returned back to black and white. She rushed to the table and helped hold down the boy.

"If you can't hold him still, the incision might kill him." The adult told the three. Magenta used her strength to help Stiles and Derek.

"I think he's slipping. I don't think I can hold him." Stiles announced. That's when Magenta saw a but of color, coming from Brett's eyes. The four were knocked away, causing Magenta to land next to Stiles. Magenta stood up to see another guy, but his eyes were glowing blue. His soul and power caused Magenta cry out in pain, which she muffled.

"I guess I still have a little werewolf strength myself." He told them.

"Yeah, maybe more than a little." Derek replied.

"I second that. Yeah I do." Magenta added on. While she held onto her wrist which burned really bad. Magenta looked up to see the V-neck shirt guy smirk before Magenta's eyes traveled to Derek's arm. That's when Magenta figured he was the fading moon. She frowned before she ignored whatever Stiles said and put a hand on Derek's arm. She imagined the skin coming back together and being healed. When Magenta removed her hand, she saw Derek's wide eyes and the other man's too.

"Who and what are you?" Derek asked the girl while the other guy looked at her.

"Magenta and Magenta." Magenta answered. Her attention was then brought back to Brett when the gas came out of his chest.

"Guys, can you hear that? I think he's saying something." Stiles told them. Magenta neared closer to hear he whispering it.

"The sun . . . The moon . . . The truth . . " The words were being repeated.

"Three things that can't long be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth. It's Buddhist." He said, before turning to face Derek. Magenta crouched down next to Stiles to look at the boy on the floor.

"Do you understand any of this? Because I don't." Magenta whispered towards Stiles. He finally realized that she was awake.

"Not a word. When did you wake up?" Stiles asked. Magenta playfully rolled her eyes.

"Not that long."

"Satomi." The v-neck guy said.

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