Chapter 1

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Hi everyone, this is my complete novel Bubble Tea Girl. I started it in 2006 back when I had a Broadway obsession and Chick-Lit was at its peak. I am more of a YA/horror writer by nature but this book is more humor/romance. Hopefully, I pulled it off okay. 


Kate Lorraine

Bubble Tea Girl

Chapter 1

“Antics,” that is what Kalliyan would one day refer to what happened that weekend and what happened outside the Salmagundi Theatre in Times Square one September. Antics would not be the word I would use for that happened. Weilian Mu, wealthy socialite, novelist and fashion designer at the age of twenty seven, Kalliyan Vichea and I, Julia Hua, - we were responsible for the ‘antics’ that put an end to her. In Weilian Mu’s defense, she took her demise well.

“Listen to this, wisdom from our neighborhood philo-soy-pher, ‘Chapter 1 - Don’t try to Wok before you can crawl.’ Do you get it? Wok as in the vegetable cooker?”

“Yea, we get it. Weilian is a riot,” Ariel Tsu rolled her eyes, checking her fancy but painful shoes yet again. “Now put that book away before you walk into a parking meter.”

“And defer the holy text of our next Pulitzer laureate?”

“Stop it with the sarcasm, Julia.”

“Sarcastic? Me? On a night like this? We’re in Times Square, attending the opening night of Broadway musical where the starring man is wearing a brand made up only four years ago by us.”

“And I’m sure he’ll make it worth our while by making out with lots of juicy actors wearing it.”

“Ariel, wow, I like this side of you.”

She blushed.

“Don’t tell my parents I said that.”

“How are we supposed to find Kalliyan in the middle of all these people?” The area was well lit. Under the bulbs of the oversized marquee, there was a swarm of well-dressed theater lovers. Kyrie was a musical set in Little Italy of the 1930s. Everywhere, cameras were flashing. The scent of expensive colognes and perfumes filled the air.  Patrons fanned themselves with the trademark yellow playbills. This was Broadway, the boulevard of lights. On that night of all nights it was the embodiment of that name.

“You look for her, Julia. You’re tall. Stand on your toes, maybe you can see over all their heads.” I wasn’t tall, just taller than Ariel.

“Let’s get closer," I said. We pushed our way past the metrosexual businessmen and then the giddy pubescent girls. We kept moving until we were nearly standing on the street but we had a good view of the red carpet and of the crowd.

“Kalliyan, where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are," Ariel sang.  “This is sadly funny. Our big night when finally somebody big wears our design and we can’t even get together to ogle at him. Are you sure we even remembered the tickets?”

“Yes, I have them here. Only problem is Kalliyan’s is here too. Where is she?”

“I see her, she’s at the front of the barrier. Thank goodness she brought a camera," Ariel said with a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go.”

We squeezed out from behind the barrier and ran across the sidewalk. Somewhere in that small distance, Ariel tripped out of her shoe and shoved me into a pedestrian.

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