New in Town

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Hi i'm Aiden and i just moved to a town called Beacon Hills. It seems very nice here. Today is my very first day of high school. I am really nervous. I had so many friends at my old school and i'm nervous i wont be able to make new ones here. "Hey Aiden are you ready to go", Mom asked. "YES!!", I shouted. I got in my mom's black escalade. We were driving we almost got hit by this idiot driving a small black car. We got to the school and my mom was so embarrassing." Bye Honey, See you later!!!", She yelled. I was so embarrassed,  everyone stared at me like i was a goofy clown or something. Here i am, Beacon Hills High School.

I walk in and i immediately bumped into a girl. That's a great way to start off at my new school. "I'm so sorry, i did not mean to do that", i said. " Um, its ok", she said. "I'm Malia", she said."I'm Aiden". She then ran off to her class. I went into my history class. This guy in front of me asked me for a pencil and i'm just like Bitch get your own pencil! But i didn't really say that. I just said sorry i dont have one even though i did have one. After that i went to all my other classes and went to lunch and obviously sat alone. It was time for tryouts after school. I went onto the field and i saw a guy that was a amazing player. He did the most impossible tricks I've ever seen in lacrosse. I got on the field and i had to try out as the goalie. I missed only 1 goal. The guy named Scott McCall as i found out in class. I've heard some weird things about him. He is the star lacrosse player.

I went over to him and i got this weird feeling. I had a weird sense about him."Hey i'm Scott... Scott McCall", he said. "Hi i'm Aiden. Nice to meet you". Suddenly a huge black animal looking monster busted through the rusted benches and started to kill and feed on people and clenched its teeth onto people. Scott then turned into a WEREWOLF!!! Of course i got a weird feeling about him.  i new something was off. I then screamed as loud as i can and used all of my force and jumped on the back of this werewolf and scratched his eyes out with my claws. He ran off whimpering like a hurt puppy. 

"Scott?"."Aiden?". "Are you what you i think you are" I asked. "Yes, i am a werewolf. WHAT ARE YOU!!". 

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