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Arkham Asylum was split up into two main sections. The first was for genuine patients. The other was for the insane criminals, most of whom had been apprehended by the Dark Knight himself. In the years since Batman's demise, the number of supervillains had thankfully dropped dramatically. The Scarecrow, The Riddler, The Penguin, all had either been killed or imprisoned abroad. Unfortunately the only one left in this country was worse than all of them put together. The lone guard walked warily down the corridor of Arkham's second half. 

"Inmate roll call!" He called out. "Davies?"

"Here." the voice called out from the cell.


"Here." The guard shuddered before calling the next name.

"Joker?" There was no answer from the cell. Instantly the guard pulled out his radio. This could just have been the Joker living up to his namesake, but he just had to be certain.... "Johnson? Is he in there with you?" Silence. The guard took a deep breath, loaded his gun and slowly opened the cell door. 

Johnson sat on the floor motionless and the guard mentally cursed him. It's rule number one at Arkham: NEVER take your eyes off the Joker, and definitely don't fall asleep when you're alone with him. The guard nudged him and Johnson's head rolled to the side, revealing the fine slit, no thicker than a strand of hair along his throat. There were two much thicker slits that curved upwards from each side of his mouth, still gushing blood onto the floor of the cell.

The guard stepped backwards and glimpsed something on the wall above Johnson's head. It looked like writing, written with paint of such a dark red that it looked an awful lot like... The guard began to feel nauseous. The Joker had written a farewell message in Johnson's own blood.

"Your friend seemed sad. I just put a smile on his face. Your friend, The Joker." Underneath the message, stuck to the wall by the slowly drying blood was a Joker from an ordinary deck of playing cards. The guard pulled out his radio again, and when he spoke his voice was quiet and solemn.

"Guys? We have a pretty serious problem here...."

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