Chapter 25: Alive (Final Chapter)

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I wanna know who I was before I became a regalia.

I wanna feel alive.

I love you.

Every important word you'd dare to utter in this life defined you.

What exactly would happen if all that happened to disappear?

3rd P.O.V:

"This is an anomaly,"

"No such thing has ever occurred before!"

"Is this god-Yato, using some type of dark magic on his regalia?"

Yukine took in every word each of the gods of the heavens said. He admired that they believed he was special, almost worshipping him as if he was some kind of legend, but there was so much to focus on.

His entire world was flooding his memory banks, his life literally 'flashing before his eyes'.

"Yukine.. are you okay..?" Yato put his hand supportingly on the regalia's shoulder.

He nodded simply with a blank stare, and once he finally began to blink, he saw it, his last moments.

His terse breaths as his head slid down the side of a mailbox.

The boy was clinging to life, as he still had hope in store for his life, hope that things would get better for him, that he could be happy with a family once again.

The entirety of his world went black after that, his eyes relaxing and his lips freezing in time.

Yukine snapped back to reality after that, his heart beating against his ribcage, and the quickened pace of his breathing.

"I.. I'm okay," Yukine muttered, utterly surprised that he was able to withstand the power of something such as the God's Greatest Secret.

"Y-you did it! Yukine you did it!" Yato said happily, taking the regalia in his arms and ruffling his blonde tufts.

Although Yukine was proud that he had managed to survive his very own preconceived sins, he couldn't help but worry about you.

"W-where's (Y/n)?" He asked a convivial Yato, who widened his ice blue eyes at the sound of your name.

It seemed that a dozen emotions crossed the god's face at the time, but he settled on a simple smile.

"(Y/n) is strong. She made it through just like you did, but.."

Yukine's heart was doing backflips in his chest as he moved away from Yato's hold.

The boy was desperate to see you after just learning that the two of you shared a past, but his words made him nervous.

"But what?"

"Yukine, whenever a regalia becomes aware of their past, there's no telling what could happen to them. They could come out completely fine like you, or be.. reborn. And (Y/n).. well she's being reborn."

"Reborn? You mean.. it'll be like when we first found her..?" Yukine questioned, his eyes reflecting signs of worry.

"Yeah... it'll be like we're meeting her all over again."

It didn't take much thought to know what he meant. Every single thing you and Yukine had gone through, believing you had finally made it, would be worth next to nothing.

You would have never known that he loved you, or that the two of you had such a deep past, but then again, every hardship you had gone through.. being a Nora and a translucent regalia.. they would cease to exist.

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