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Even though the princesses were captured, they laughed about the jellyfish thing. Beta saw land in the distance. It was rocky . There were no trees ,no grass and no signs of life. When they came closer she saw a tall, wicked looking castle. There was no music like Nivia. There were no buzzing markets like Lyan. There were no colorful festival decorations and people dancing in the streets like Azura. It was a scary looking castle and nothing more. An Ablivian knight came by. "That is Ablivia ! Where are the people ?" Beta asked. He did not answer, but merely walked along. "I guess all the people fled the land." Josephine suggested as she put her hand on Beta's shoulder. She winced at the pain , and Josephine quickly took her hand off. The wound was still there, but it was getting better and the poison is gone. "Sorry." Josephine said. The boat stopped. Three knights came down . Rosette, Josephine and Beta didn't know what they were going to do to them. They put them in chains. "Seriously ? Chains ?" Rosette said skeptically." That's so cliché." Josephine said as she rolled her eyes. Rosette was trying to figure out what they were doing. "Yes . Chains." He answered coldly. Well , that was a FAILURE. They dragged them onto the rocky, lifeless land. They neared the scary castle. One of the knights knocked on the large gate in a code . The large gate opened revealing nothing but darkness. "In ." A knight ordered while the rest were dragged in. "I know how to walk . No need to drag me around like a dog ." Rosette hissed. It was pitch black until they saw a dimly lit opening. They walked in. Stalagtites hung from the ceiling. A black throne with spikes descended from the wicked looking chair was on the far side of the wall. A man was sitting there with a shadow covering his face. "Sire, we have the princesses. " a knight informed as he knelt in front of the man. The man looked down at the girls . "Throw them in the dungeon." His voice echoed threw the castle. The knight once again bowed and dragged them off.
The dungeon was a smelly damp place. It was dark. They walked down the rickety old stairs . " This place fits the Ablivians' attitude ." Rosette said. The knights gave them a scolding look. They came to the dungeon. The guards swung open the heavy bars and shoved them into the dark, damp place. "I hope you enjoy your time together before your executions." The knight sneered.

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