Try Me Alpha.

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A/N; Due to the unknown disappearance of the first published chapter, I have to re-write the whole apologies if this has caused any inconvinience.


Life was going great, perfect even. My father is the Alpha of the pack, my mother led high and proud next to him as his Luna although my mother is a little more than just the Alphas Luna, she herself is an Alpha.  Yes, an Alpha. Not sure where she inherited that from since her parents were no specific rank in the pack, well not one that considered them leaders.

My older brother Jye is in line for the title when he turns twenty next year, he's spent his whole life preparing for this and now it's so close he won't shut his big fat mouth about it. Reeyarn is the unfortunate she-wolf to become his mate but in saying that she is the sweetest thing ever and loves the big mutt of a brother I have. I love my big brother, always someone to talk to whenever Anyese isn't barking at me, I have a lot of respect for him (as you can tell) and I know he will be a great leader for this pack. As for me, since I'm the youngest out of the two of us, I'm nothing special to be honest. Very loud and outspoken compared to my brother who can sometimes be loud but is mostly chilled and laid back for someone who has a hefty responsibility coming his way.

Out of the packs I've learnt about, my fathers pack is the second largest in the world but before us comes the largest, the Silver Moon pack. Their Alpha is said to be a real asshole and apparently they're so feared that even rouge wolves don't seem to bother them. But hey, that could be a load of horse shit...I'd like to see them in a fight.

"Hey Rae! Help me out why don't you?" Any threw a dainty stick my way.

I rolled my eyes and pushed myself off the ground.

"Now what I want you to do is try and focus, focus on...well not being human." Any held the kid by the shoulders and talked to him in a soothing tone.

"Way to go Doctor Oz, you suck at this." I snickered.

"You seem to know what to do then you do it." Any looked at me when darkening eyes.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Alright, let me try." I turned to the kid.

We were in a meadow with about ten or so fifteen to sixteen year olds who were preparing or ready to take their first shift. Sometimes the youngters would unexpectedly shift and for that to happen could be dangerous for them, for us or anyone who are near them. When you first shift, your mind is taken over by the animal side of you, your wolf. He or she just need adjusting to the human body to calm down and give control to their host. Your wolf, when you first shift is like a trapped animal and when animals feel trapped, they feel threatened and then the worst comes to happen, they freak out.

That is why we have a group of five young adults who have been through the process to guide them through and we also have someone of a high rank so that if the pups do freak out, we can have them  tell wolf to calm their tail. Those six people being myself, my best friends Any and Pete (who is the Betas youngest son) my brother, Petes older brother, Tyler and lead pack warrior Phil who happens to be Anys father.

Parents are not allowed to be here when they first shift, the first shift is always painful and when parents hear their young in distress and pain, parents turn nasty and in protect mode which can also be dangerous, hence why the only supervision by adults are the higher ranked wolves.

"I want you to close your eyes and like Any said, focus. Imagine being in wolf form, deep breaths. Feel the power in your body as you run through the forest." I circled him, an idea popped into my head thanks to my wolf. "Imagine running because your families life depended on it."

I heard a growl come from the young pup.

"Dakota." My brother warned, a hint of an order lingered that warning. I was treading in deadly waters and my wolf knew it. I put my hand up to silence him.

"Imagine runing because rouges were gaining on him, imagine they were there." 

A mix between a screams and a roars ripped through the air as ine by one, each teen slowly shifted to their wolves. Teeth snapping and foaming at the mouth, amgry and scared. All new wolves turned to me with their blackened eyes and snarled at me.

"Back away Rae."Jye said cautiously.

Tyler, Pete and Any had shifted and snarled back at them.

"Calm the hell down!" Phil shouted.

"EVERYBODY TO THE HIDEOUTS NOW! ROUGES!" My father roared through the mind link.

I looked at Phil. "All of you get them to the hideouts now!! Jye and Tyler come with me!!" He rushed off in his wolf form, Tyler not far behind him."

Jye turned to me. "Listen to him Rae. Don't do anything stupid, now go!"

I turned back to my friends and the newly shifted teens who seemed to calm down...just a little. "Let's go!" I shifted to my white wolf and told Any and Pete to take the front.

'I swear if any of you don't fucking listen right now, I'll rip you up myself now fucking move it!' I snarled through the link, everyone of them moved with their tail between their legs. 'Follow Any and Peter, no go!'

'And where the hell are you going Rae!" Any shouted as I turned to where my brother left.

'To help.'

'Oh no you don't! Jye said to-' I cut her off.

'To hell what Jye said, he's not Alpha just yet. We don't have much time, take them to the hideout Any.'


'GO Any!!' My wolf commanded, Anys wolf submitted and whimpered against the command and left with the others. I ran as fast as I could to where I could hear the fight going on, the scene before me was horrific. It didn't take long for a stray mutt to find me and lunge straight for me. One thing about rouges, all they have in their mind is to kill and their usual tactic is  to lunge for their opponents neck. I didn't actually know, I was just taught that. This was my first time fighting a rouge.

Taking out whatever mongrel that came for I was put off when I heard my mothers strangled calls for my father. About five rouges where on her, holding her down while one rouge wolf that stood out from the rest with red eyes stalked his way over to her while another bunch of rouges held my dad down. I could've made if there weren't so many in front of me. The strange rouge hooked his jaws around my mothers neck, her eyes caught mine before the rouge snapped it. My wolf let out a roar of outrage and sadness which stopped the rouge in his tracks and made him submit to me.

He took one last look at me and bolted into the forest with his mutts. 

I rushed over to my mother whose life just ended and to my father who sounded as if he were taking his last breath. 'Look after each other and listen to your wolf. We love you.' As if on que, a gust of wind came through, whispers of his words lingered through. 'Always be proud.'

Tears were a constant flow from my face as I changed back to humsn from. A blanket thrown over me as the Beta Eddie pulled me into his arms. Tears streaking down his face at the loss his Alpha and Luna as well as his best friends.

"Jye!" I heard Reeyarn scream for her mate. My vision was slightly blurred by the tears, he was still alive but was covered in deep gashes.

I felt my eyes become heavy and my wolf saying that everything will be okay before it went black.

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