Chapter 10: Daddy's Chat

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(Hermione: POV)

"Well, I thought my prat of a son would have known better to hide better when I sent that warning." Lucius spat. Draco stood half-in front of me "What warning?" He smiled coldly "Ready or not here I come, thought you'd do a better job of hiding this." I suddenly remember the letter that we just brushed away, "Son, I thought you'd known better" I felt Draco stiffen "Don't call me son" Lucius changed from a smirk to a glare "I'll do whatever I want. I am your father" Draco snorted "Not that you ever did a good job of it." Lucius looked like he had biten into a lemon "She's a flithy mudblood!" He shouted, I felt Draco tensing up "SO WHAT? IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE- IT HAS NO AFFECT ON WHO SHE IS OR HOW I LOVE HER!" Draco spat, I felt touched at these words but also frightened of what his father would do. I took his hand, and I felt him relaxing. Lucius's expression changed into a stone-cold stare "You. What?" he said coldly yet quietly. Draco snorted then smirked as he said calmly "I.. love.. her..." Draco looked over at me and smiled "More than my own flesh-" He quickly looked at his father and smiled again "-and blood."
Lucius disapparated just before he said coldly "Well it's finally clear where your loyalties lie." 

(A/N: I know it's a short chapter that's why I uploaded it so quickly, because it wouldn't be fair- [It may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair]- if I took a week to give you that much.)   ;)

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