Ch.2: news of the enemy

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Ch.2: news of the enemy

Annabeths POV

It's been five years since percy left, five very long very hard very miserable years. I cried a few times when he left, we all did, except Dylan, he thought it was fantastic. even though no one now listens to him he still thinks he's the best. The day he kissed me, well that was the worst day of my life. I tried to get away but I fell into the trap any way. I blamed my self every day after wards. every one for gave me, but I didn't for give myself.

After percy left Dylan was banned from camp half-blood for the rest of his life. I'm twenty one now and I now work as the official architect of Olympus and I teach campers skills they need to know to survive in the real world. When I took both jobs I was never granted immorality, I was fine with that. it meant I didn't have to see my friends die. I've seen campers come and go and some of the saddest most tragic deaths happen but all of those people who died, died to keep camp safe.

I try not to dwell on the past because every thing happens for a reason. I learned in the world if greek gods and goddesses there is no such thing as a coincidences.

There was a knock on my door so I climbed out of bed. I was wearing my usual camp t-shirt with my jeans and my owl earrings. I opened my door to see Grover. when percy left Grover was absolutely miserable. he always says "if I was just there i could have convinced him to stay" but we all new that wasn't true. he smiled a small smile and said "councilor meeting." I nodded and grabbed my dagger, I strapped it to my arm and headed out the door.

Even though me and Grover weren't exactly councilors we still had to go to all the meetings. Same with Aphrodite. oh ya I might want to explain that to you. Zeus let Dionysius go after the giant war and then Aphrodite ended up doing something to get stuck with use for a hundred years. None of the gods or goddesses would tell us what she did. but I swear they did it to punish use, she torchers use with all her beauty and love talk that at one point I actually wished Dionysius was here. I wouldn't admit it but I wished it.

I slept in a room in the big house, same with Grover. So all I hade to do was walk down some stair and to the rec room. yes we still have our meetings in the rec room. Chiron was in wheel chair form and I could tell why. When wasn't in wheel chair form he was touching the ceiling. What I didn't expect was to see the gods siting in tiny chairs around the small table. we had all the minor gods head councilors in here to so all in all the room was packed. I looked around and the first thing that came out was "we should find a different place to meet." Everyone nodded and we all got up to head to the sword arena.

When we got there mrs. o'lary was chasing to very fat old sayters around the arena. Once Grover got mrs. o'lary to calm down we all sat at a make shift table with everyone from the camp councilors to the cloven council to the Olympians. We sat and Zeus began " we have a serious threat rising, much worse then Gaia and much worse the Kronos." Everyone got up and started talking all at once "who is it!" "what do you mean!" we need help!" Zeus was getting agitated and you could see it on his face "silence!" he bellowed and everyone stopped talking. Athena stood up while everyone sat down "we have a plan," she said "we called for the help if the Romans, and we've asked for the help of the amazons." She sat down then Artemis stood up and said "my hunters will be here on the Morrow" then she sat down.

All of a sudden hades walks in "sorry I'm late," he said "but I have a good explanation." Zeus bakoned him over. hades sat and then began "I have some news of who the enemy is and I have some news on some help!" there were crys of joy every were. Chiron sat there a blank expression on his face. the rest if the seven like piper, Leo, Jason, frank, and hazel they all lived in the real world but after the meeting I was planning on IMing them and asking for help.

Hades started motioning with his hands for everyone to calm down before he continued "I have talked with lord chaos-" he never got to finish his sentence because everyone started to murmur. I sat there patiently listening. hades turned to Hermes. Hermes looked like he was about to burst into a laughing fit. the reason why; hades face when no one would quiet down. Everyone stoped talking eger to hear more "before I start talking again, no more interrupting me!" he exclaimed, everyone nodded "now," he began "lord chaos will send seven of his men from his army called epsilon, he also will be sending his first in command and second in command in that seven." Everyone cheered and hades gave them a nasty look so we all quieted down again.

"The enemy," he said "is three of the four big guys." everyone at the table except Chiron and the gods looked confused. "Chiron," Athena said "have you tota our children nothing?" Chiron shook his head "I just never thought they would need to know who the other three creators of earth were" he said, every Olympian nodded. Poseidon stood up looking miserable from his sons disappearance "I will tell them." he said and sat back down, Hestia patting him on the back.

"There were four great people who created this planet," Poseidon began. "destruction, chaos, calmness, and builder. destruction and builder were quit the opposite. destruction liked to destroy stuff, builder liked to build stuff. Chaos and calmness were quit the opposite too, chaos he liked chaos and stuff to last a life time, were calmness liked things calm and liked loneliness. they built our plant and at the end destruction wanted to destroy earth. Builder wanted to abandon earth and build more planets, calmness wanted no living thing on earth and wanted earth to her self, and chaos wanted to see earth thrive and live. They had a great battle calmness and destruction against builder and chaos. chaos and builder won and trapped destruction and calmness away so far away no human or living thang would find them. Builder tried to get chaos to leave earth and help build more plants so chaos saw her for what she was, so one who liked to build and abandon. in the night chaos snuck into builders head courters and in builders sleep chaos kidnapped her and in prisoned her with her siblings and now the three are rising and want revenge on planet earth and everything that lives on it." He finished

There was a gasp and Rachel Elizabeth dare past out. Since we all now new what was going on Chiron stayed to talk to the cloven council and the gods and goddesses while drew from the Aphrodite cabin and jaunt from the Demeter cabin helped Rachel back to the big house.

I walked to the beach and IMed the rest of the seven told them the news and who all was coming to help. they all agreed to come and help with the war and said they too will be here tomorrow.

This war wasn't going to be so bad, I thought, we had a huge army of people helping. guess I spoke to soon.


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