I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned and sat up, looking to my side, seeing my beautiful girlfriend. I pecked her cheek and she stirred in her sleep.

"Harry...." She whispered. I wonder what she's dreaming about. Because she limitly says my name in her sleep.

Considering that it was 9:00 already, I slowly got off our bed and headed for the door. I went to the kitchen to cook breakfast for my two princesses. Then about halfway through my work, I heard little pitter-patters coming towards the living room.

"Daddy..." Darcy said. I looked behind me and saw Darcy rubbing her still sleepy eyes. I picked her up while she nuzzled her face in my neck.

"Good morning princess." I said, kissing the top of her head.

"Good morning too Daddy." She said, lifting her head up, facing me.

"Why don't you wake mummy up, sweet pea." I said putting her down while I saw her sprint to our room.

I just finished preparing breakfast and I wiped off the sweat that trickled down my face. I went into the living room when suddenly, Darcy called me.

"Daddy! Mummy's not waking up!" I stood up and went into our room, I went to come near Jade, but before I could, she grabbed Darcy and started tickling her.

"Raaaawwwrrr!" She said, pretending to bite Darcy while Darcy continued to giggle. She stopped and I came behind her kissing her cheek while she smiled.

"Good morning beautiful."

"Good morning handsome."

"I could get used to see this everyday. Just me and my happy family." I said and I saw Jade blush.

Then, there was silence. That's when until Darcy spoke up.

"Mummy, Daddy, I'm hungry." She said, and I chuckled.

"Why didn't you say so, sweetheart?" I said as she jumped off Jade's lap, running down the stairs.

Jade stood up, and turned around to face me. She pecked my lips gently, while standing on her tiptoes.

"Now let's go eat breakfast shall we?" She asked, smiling widely.

"Sure, love. Let's go."


Jade was resting her head in my lap, while played with her hair. My phone buzzed and I took a look and saw that one of the boys texted me.

From : BooBear :

Hey Haz! We should hang out some time. Me and the boys miss you. xx

Wow. I never really minded how long me and the boys last met. I think it was last last week. And yeah, maybe I should hang out with the boys....and my family.

"Hey babe, can I go outside for a while? I need to go and talk to someone."

"Sure Haz." She said and sat up, while I went out to the garden.

I went through the contacts in my phone, and found the one that I need to talk to.


"Hey Haz!"

"Hey Lou. Umm..listen, I would like to meet up with you and the boys. And I would also like you guys to meet someone."

"Ummm...sure! When would you like to meet up with us?"