The Jellyfish

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Rosette was awoken by a horrid shrieking sound. She looked around ,and all of the girls were still unconscious. She looked down there was nothing but dark waters and a thick fog . She looked up there was no clouds, no stars, and no moon. They were on a small boat tied to a ship . A knight came to the direction of their little boat . He was holding something with several tentacles. It wasn't an octopus or a squid it was a jellyfish ! He snorted "Here. The captain sent it ." Rosette looked at it "what am I supposed to do with this ?" She asked in genuine confusion. "You're supposed to eat it . It's the finest jellyfish .Fit for a princess. You eat every last piece of jellyfish. Don't throw it into the ocean; we'll know." With that he left. She touched the slimy, dead mess. It left a string of slime when she retreated her hand. The smell was horrid. It is known as a delicacy to the Ablivians. She touched it again . She knew she had to eat it or she would be brutally punished. She plucked a tentacle out of the dead jellyfish. She squeezed her eyes shut. Plugged her nose and prayed that she wouldn't taste it. She tried not to get any slime on hers or the other girls white night gowns. The tentacle entered her mouth . The taste was horrid .She thought if she swallowed it the icky feeling in her stomach would go away. She was wrong. It slithered down her throat leaving a trail of slime on the walls of her throat. She gagged . She leaned over the side of the small boat. As they say what goes down must come up. After that little vomiting fit , she took a mouth full of salt water to rinse out the smell and taste of the jellyfish. She spit out the salt water back into the ocean. She looked over at her friends. Even though they would be mad at her for doing this , she tore the jellyfish in half and stuffed into Beta and Josephine's mouths. She'd rather face their wrath than to eat the putrid thing. The two girls almost immediately woke up and swallowed that thing whole because it was so slimy. "Yuck ! What was that ?!" Josephine cried. "Jellyfish." Rosette answered. "Rosette ! I'm going to have nightmares of jellyfish from now on."

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