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Jarvis POV.

As James was driving us back to the house, I could not help but look to the rear-view mirror to our baby girl in her car seat. She was leaning to the side of it, sleeping.

"See if you could put a pacifier in her mouth." I tell Josh to do.

He was able to put it in, my gosh did she get a million times beautiful.

I face forward only see us almost at home.  I can imagine what it would be like once we finally get her adjustment to our lifestyle. I can imagine her running up to us at the end of the day in a oneise and pacifier hanging out of her mouth, telling us about her day in her baby voice. Gosh just the thought of that makes me hard.

Josh gets our sleeping baby girl out of her car seat and bring her inside. We all walk upstairs to her room. We had everything custom made and fitted to our desires.

 We had everything custom made and fitted to our desires

She is our princess and she will be treated like one. Josh places her on the changing table and begins to remove her clothing from her. We have decided that she would be a 13 months old. When she awakes from her nap, we will discuss our rules for her.

"You know this will not be an easy transition for her." James said, looking at our baby girl.

"I know, that is why we must always be ahead of the curve, I have no intention of losing her. She may try to run away. But I have a feeling that we may have to break her and build her up again." I said.

Josh nods in  agreement.

We all step out of her room and go about doing various activities. We each have a baby monitor on our persons just in case our baby girl wakes up.  Hopefully, we will not have to wait for long.

**Sponge Bob Announcer Voice ** 4 Hours Later....


I could here her from the kitchen, even with the monitor.

Well, let the adjustment process begin.

Alessia POV.

 I shake the bars of this stupid crib. I can not believe they put in here. I am fucking 17 years old. I have been there, done that, and have the abandon parents to show for it. One of them needs to come in here quick or I am going to destroy this pretty crib.

"Well, hello my little sunshine, did you have a nice nap?" James says in a sweet voice.

"Look werido, I have had enough of this crap, you are going to let me out!" I scream.

He picks me up effortlessly even though I am moving like a eel fresh out of water and give my bum a smack.

"Little girl, I will not tolerate you speaking to me or any of your daddies in such a manner, Do you understand me?" he questions.

"Wes baba" I say.

"Good, lets go downstairs and get some nummies." he responses.  I just hid my face in his neck. 

Now you are probably wondering; how can I go from this wild and sassy  teenager to a baby in their arms. Here is the answer, I do not know, its like a part of me that I did not even know existed just comes out and responds to that. And it is so strong that it just takes over. And want to know the crazy part, I like it when that side comes out. I just feel so safe, so protected, and most importantly, so loved.

We head to the kitchen were the rest of my dadd- I mean the brothers were.  James seat in a high chair that I surprisingly fit into. He sets a bowel of fruit on my tray and it has all my favorite fruit: melon, cantaloupe, and grapes. (**AN: the best fruits ever**) 

"Now baby girl, while you are eating, We will explain the rules:" Jarvis states.

1. You will ALWAYS refer to us as daddy or any variation such as dada or baba.

2. You will use your nappy until we decide to potty-train you.

3. You will always listen to you daddies.

4. No saying "No".

5. When we have reached a point in our relationship, you will be introduced to safe words.

6. Baby language only.

7. You will be respectful to all adults and those affiliated with them.

8. Remember to take your punishments in stride, we do them to help you grow up properly.

"Now that I have listed the basic rules, you will follow them, and later on we will add more to them. Am I clear?"

"Wes daddy."  I say.

See, it just comes out.

As I look at these men, and how fondly they are looking at me, I can't help but wonder why. Why would they want to take of me? I mean, there is truly nothing special about me. I mean, I am so not special, my parents abandon me at the age of 10. Why do they want me? I feel like I am holding on to life by a thread and at any moment it could snap and then where will  I be?

You know what, I am going to enjoy this. Yes, it is a bit humiliating but this is my chance to be loved like I always wanted to me. However I do not agree with all these rules. They want to play a lovely daughter, yeah right! Here comes hell with pigtails!


Hell in pigtails!!

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Love. Peace. And Chicken Grease.


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