Chapter 2- Hustle

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Grabbing all three plates, I placed them on the tray and balanced it as I scooted out of the kitchen and placed the dishes in front of the customers then pouring each of them their flavoured coffee. And also, not forgetting the iced tea.

Just as I gave the woman her iced tea, I noticed Mr. Handsome's eyes on me. I looked at him and he grinned showcasing his perfectly aligned pearly white teeth.

"You're like a machine", he commented and I gave him a "what?" look.

To this, he throws his head back in laughter and clears his throat when he calms down. "I meant, they've got you like a you usually allow them to order you like that?"

I looked down at my apron and smiled sadly, "I do it to make ends's my job".

He gave me an expression of understanding yet I couldn't miss the displeased expression that was forming. "I you work here full time?"

"Part-time", I couldn't understand why am I telling him this yet he seemed like a down-to-earth person.

He nodded, "And the other time?"

I glanced at Mr. Quil who was looking at me and I sighed. Giving Mr. Handsome a small smile, I inhaled for composure.

"I should be getting back to work now, excuse me", with that I left to get the tables.

"Avelyn, collect the money on top of the counter and get table eight", Mr. Quil ordered again and I nodded at him. Quickly, I collected the money and stopped in my tracks when I saw a sticky note stuck onto the countertop with a watermark labelled 'Elliot Inc' and a gasp escaped my mouth.

He works for Elliot Inc?

On the sticky note, a neat handwriting in pen said 'Keep the change, it's a tip for customer satisfactory service and seeing you blush crimson, beautiful. Oh, I hope we meet again!'

Just next to it was a hundred dollar bill and I gasped, again. The meal with the coffee was just fifteen dollars and well, this is the biggest tip I've ever gotten in my life. Another blush rises in my cheeks and I exhaled.

Mr. Handsome is truly a nice guy, both in looks and personality!

I took the tip and glanced up to see Ralph staring at me in shock. "You did not just get a tip?"

I grinned at him happily, "I just did, Ralphy boy".

He scowled and fussed, "How can you get that much of a large tip and I can't...I just flirted with some girls and got five bucks whilst you just being normal you, got one hundred dollars!" All this he said whilst I took an order.

Taking up the trays from the tables, "Stop fussing Ralph and get to the kitchen, table eight needs number six". I smiled at the couple and walked away.

Ralph and I are as thick as thieves and here I find myself falling behind into time and recalling that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack Sparrow told Blackbeard's daughter, Angelica, that same line.

I smiled to myself as I went and grabbed the wet cloth to clean the tables before I go on my break. Minutes later, I checked out and got into my car when my phone, an old but do-able Nokia, rang.

"Hello", I said whilst getting my work suit from the back seat.

"Avelyn, did you get the job dear?" The voice of my mother, a woman who has to bear the burden of three daughters, a rickety house in the suburbs of Russia and a low income.

I truly admire my mother in her days back when daddy was alive but ever since the murder took place, she crumbled from super mom to flop mom.

"Hey, uh-no...the boss of the company rejected me quite plainly", I gushed and made an expression though there wasn't anyone in sight.

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