Chapter 2- Hustle

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-Hard Rock Cafè

Another day, another hassle! That my friend, was the motto in my little head as I grabbed the tray from Mr. and Mrs. Bartolina's table. The couple smiled up at me and I was in awe at how they were so in love. Mr. Bartolina had his hand on Mrs. Bartolina and it was a picture-perfect scene.

"See you soon, guys", I winked at them before I sauntered to the kitchen where, Ralph, the 'infamous' chef who was in the same position as I am.

Well, he went to college and graduated with honours, however, he was underemployed and currently rents in a small apartment somewhere in New York.

As I entered the kitchen he smiled up at me from behind the counter.

"Shouldn't you be at home right now getting dressed for that job consultation?"

His green friendly eyes danced with mirth. Ralph was half Italian and half American. He's tall and slightly muscular with raven hair that is always gel and styled. Though he got his olive tan complexion from the Italian side, he hadn't inherited their accent. He's all American.

I quirked an eyebrow and began washing the dishes as Ralph chuckled and went back to chopping onions.

"Fine...ignore your dear Ralph...the only friend you've got in this lonely world", he began saying slowly and desperately. I looked up and assessed him; ever since I knew Ralph he was always chirpy and jovial.

"You know, dear Ralph, I love you but I can do without you", said I with a smirk. He narrows his eyes down at me and huffed.

"Yeah, whatever", he quipped and went back to chopping those onions. I finished up with the dishes and went back to the counter where three customers were sitting on the vanished wooden stools.

Though I work at a cafè and it's pretty much a mediocre job, I still found it best to maintain professionalism.

"Good day, how can I help you?" I smiled at the woman in her mid-thirties an entire hive hairdo. She perked up her caked face and flashed me an unwanted expression but I held my smile in its place.

"I'll have a cup of coffee and a slice of that crumb cake, also, number two on the menu and a glass of iced tea", she ordered with a sardonic voice and I wondered was it just her voice or was she intentionally speaking me to in that manner.

Either way, it doesn't bother me. I scribbled her order down and scooted over to the next customer, a friendly one I supposed, he looked up and I was taken back at how handsome he is but the point is he broke into an amiable smile.

"How can I help you, sir?"

His brown eyes turned into pits of amusement and he smirked, "Yes...a cup of black coffee and number three, please". I gazed at him in a stunned manner.

Wow, he just said please. A guy in an Armani suit said please...what is the world coming too? Not that I am complaining- thank you, God!

"Something on my face, beautiful?" I blinked and his words registered in my head.

Flushing I shook my head, "I am sorry and no, nothing is on your face. I'll get your order right away...excuse me".

The last customer ordered the same as Mr. Handsome over there and I went to the window ringing the bell. "Ralph, I need two number-threes and a number two".

"Avelyn go get them, Ralph's bursting some tables!" Mr. Quil ordered from across the room.

I sighed before scrambling to the kitchen and started on whipping up a batter of cinnamon pancakes whilst working on peeling apples and making an applesauce. Finishing the number three orders, I started on making the smoked salmon sandwich with french toast.

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