Chapter 2

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Two years ago ....

When the plane landed in the beautiful city of New York its like a dream to me.

Everyone looked at me weirdly. Yeah who would not when I have bandage on my head ?

But I am strong. I need this. I need to get away from Kells. I already missed him though. He is like the air I breath. Somehow I know I won't meet someone like him again.

I sat down at the bench in the airport. Its three am and not many people in the airport. I watched them walking with their family or friends. I sighed. No matter what I can't believe I failed my brother, my only brother. So I cried. I haven't cry in the plane because many people watching me so now that I am alone I could cry or so I thought.

"Are you okay, Miss ?" Someone asked in front of me. I only nodded and when I looked up its an old man about fifty year old or something. He smiled then sit next to me.

"No matter what just know that you're not alone. Problems can be heavy and difficult but there is always a way out. Don't worry God always with you" the man said.

I was amused by his words. I only starred at him while he look ahead. "My name is Papa Carson. People called me that. You can call me that too" he smiled. I never thought strangers could be this calm and kind.

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