(Bonus Chapter) Fangasms for Il Divo (2)

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The Aphrodite Table and the Hephaestus Table were not too far apart. The Ares cabin was in between the two. But that didn't stop two certain people from looking at each other.

Malachkai's POV

I do not believe I was ever prepared to be bombarded by such a gorgeous face that one day. I understand the children of Aphrodite cannot survive without looking at themselves, but this daughter who goes by the name of Maddie is on the contrary to her siblings. I find it quite intriguing and in some forms, it's very arousing.

I remember when I first met her. The disgust on her face when she told me of her brother's vanity about his broken mirror. It made me wonder whether she hated going to the Hephaestus cabin and be forced to look at me and my siblings, because unlike the Aphrodite children, the children of Hephaestus were not the cleanest nor most fashionable. Or if she hated how shallow minded her brother Gabriel was. I hated it too. But I hated everything in silence.

It was the first time I allowed someone to watch me fix something. Unlike my half brother Leo, I didn't work with magic tools or inside the cabin. I worked outside the cabin with non magic tools. She sat in a chair not too far away while I fixed the mirror. Fire didn't burn me, I was fire resistant like the rest of us Hephaestus kids. The blowtorch spit sparks at my face and around me as I welded the shards of glass together with some fresh sand from the beach.

From the corner of my eye, I saw her admiring my sweating form as I did what I always did. I flashed a shy quiet smirk and her face turned red. I grabbed my hammer and opened the door to the furnace I had outside. I stuck the broken gold frame into the burning flames and waited for a few minutes, then pulled it out. I placed it next to its counterpart. "Gold is so hard to weld.."I mumbled. I raised the hammer above my head and slammed it down onto the warm area of the gold frame.

She watched me work hard. I remember the smile on her face as she thanked me that day and took the mirror back to her cabin.

Now I stand here on the stage of the dining pavilion, waiting to give announcements. I looked along the tables. Silence fell when I stood more straight.

"Alright kiddos. Today's Capture the Flag teams! Blue, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Ares. Red, Athena, Apollo, Hermes."

I finished off my announcement and blinked for a few seconds. I wasn't sure what I was about to do. Most of the times, the Apollo kids provided the music for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But who said its not right for a Hephaestus kid to show off and sing?

My eyes fell onto the Aphrodite Table. I whistled to Will and three other of his brothers. I gripped tighter onto the mic. We had a small conversation. Will nodded then I looked to Chiron. He nodded in agreement. We grabbed the microphones and cleared our throats. I started off our wonderful song.

(A/N || Just stare at how beautiful Il Divo is. Scream Maddie. Scream.)

I looked at Maddie, who looked ready to burst. I sung louder and she almost fainted. I was getting in bed with that later, no doubt.

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