Harry's Pov:

I was awoken when I felt the plane land. The flight attendant came out "we're here" he said. I nodded and thanked him I went to the couch that Louis was sleeping on and woke him up. "Wh-Harry?" He asked "yeah we landed." I said, he shot up and ran to Niall's bunk shaking him "WE LANDED!" He screamed Niall woke up. Looking scared as hell. "Ok ok" Niall said climbing out of his bunk. In the whole screaming Liam and Zayn woke up. Liam got out of his bunk and got Zayn out of his. We came off of the plane and walked to the car. "You ready?" The driver asked before driving away we all nodded "we've been ready since the day she left" Niall stated, the driver nodded and started the car.


The whole car ride was silent. Dead. Silent. It was scary, we don't know what to think. We can't imagine if she dies, or how bad her condition is. We don't know, and that's what scares me the most.

The driver took us to the back of the hospital so the press don't bombard us. We thanked him and followed the nurse that meet us at the back door, I got out followed by Louis, Liam and Niall who had linked arms with Zayn. We all think that if Zayn sees Madison that he'll come back to normal and actually move, but I guess you never know. The nurse walked us to a room, she spun and faced us, she had brown hair with light blond highlights, bright blue eyes, a thin body and overall she looked like an average woman. "What's this? I thought we were seeing our daughter?" Louis asked, concerned. "We have to talk about what happen though, just so you know how she's doing and what happened." She told us, we nodded in agreement, she took a big breath. "Your daughter, Madison was shot, in the lower left side of her stomach. She did legally die at the scene but we revived her and now she is stable but it's very thin-" "what's thin?" Niall interrupted "Wether or not she will live." She replied, it was getting hot in this room, to hot for my liking. She started talking again "Madison, as I said is stable but is in a coma. She was awake for a little bit but right before some people came in to see her she went under and fell into the coma." We probably looked like losers right now, Louis and I were holding onto each others hands, Niall was sitting down at the table with Liam and Zayn just stood there, we don't know how to take this, how to react. "There is one thing though" the nurse added. "We don't know how long she will be in the coma if she does live." Liam stood up "What do you mean 'if'? Of course she will live! She has to! She will!" "Liam" I said calmly "NO!" He yelled back "Why would she say 'if'? Of course she will live. She can't leave us, we just adopted her how long ago?? Like freaking 4 months and we haven't seen her for the past 2 because of the fucking person how had the audacity to kid-" he stopped "Wait....." He looked at the nurse "do you know who took her?" She lightly nodded her head in response "Who wa-" "George" we all turn to Louis, "What did you say?" Niall asked getting out of his chair. Louis stared at the ground "it was George. Wasn't it?" Louis asked "Her father" we turned to the nurse who had a look that said 'Um-Yeah' " How did you know that?" She asked Louis, who was still looking at the ground. I stared at him, "It was the dream." I whispered to myself. "Hold up" Niall said stepping closer. "I thought her dad killed himself?" "No that was her stepdad." Liam said "Oh ok. And then what are you talking about? Harry, what dream?" He said looking at me. Louis step into this conversation "I had a dream just like you did. But George was in it, he told me he was the one who had Madison." "But I thought he was in jail?" Niall questioned "He served his years and got out 3 months ago." The nurse added. We all nodded at understood now. "Would you like to see your daughter now?" The nurse asked. "Yes. Please" Liam said

We all collected ourselves as we followed the nurse.

Basically we were lead down halls that seem to never end. White halls, never ending white halls is all I see other than the boys and the nurse. The nurse stopped "room 473, it's just two doors down" she said walking away, we all nodded and Liam said thanks. We walked to the closed door, I read the blue sign by the door '473' we all took a deep breaths. "Ready?" Liam asked with his hand on the door knob. "Honestly. Yes and no" Niall answered. Liam twisted the knob slowly and opened the door, he walked in with us following behind. "Olly?" Liam questioned. Illy turned in his chair and smiled "Hey boys. Good to see you." Niall smiled and ran to Olly giving him a hug. "What are you doing here!" Niall asked "I'll explain later" Olly replied. We nodded, I turned and soon saw the bed, the sheets, my daughter. She was sleeping, she looked so peaceful, her short hair was shorter then last time, but I didn't care she was here that's all that mattered. We all sat down next to her bed when all of a sudden the sound of a flushing toilet filled the room we all turned at watched as the bathroom door opened, soon we all made eye contact with a ginger freak we all love. "Ed?" I asked. He smiled "hey boys." We got up and hugged him, said hello. We all sat down again, "so" I said breaking the silence, "Why are you guys here?" Olly and Ed looked at each other. Ed started "It's a long story" I looked at my watch on my wrist and then looked at Madison sleeping "Well we're gonna be here a while, so start explaining." I said smiling with Olly, Ed, and the rest of the boys smiling back.

Olly sighed "It started yesterday afternoon......"

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