(Bonus Story) No Immortal Regrets (1)

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  As a young flourishing goddess, Artemis had only ever been allowed to roam Greece and her own home, Mount Olympus. But upon observing that Apollo was allowed to take missions and go to other countries, she became jealous of her twin brother.

  In retaliation, whenever Apollo raised the sun, Artemis would strain her powers to place the moon in front of it, so there would be no light upon the world. Hera became enraged, demanding to know why Artemis had such a melancholy rebellious mood.

"I wish to explore the world, as my twin brother, Apollo, is allowed to. Why can I not? I find no joy in staying in Greece."Artemis murmured, strumming the string on her bow sorrowfully. Hera frowned and glanced to her husband.

  "That is a ridiculous reason to cover the sun. Now lower the moon, and we can settle a deal!"Zeus boomed, leaving Artemis unmoving. She raised her hand to the sky with two fingers in the shape of an acute angle and lowered the moon as her hand also moved down.

  "Alright. Now as for your desire to explore the world..we require one thing. We require for you to go to the River Styx, and there you must swear upon it that you will never marry and have no romantic relations with a mortal. Therefore you will be swearing yourself as a chaste goddess. This promise must never be broken. Or you will be forced to spend half of your child's life in the Underworld, be it ever come to that."Hera stated, holding her head high. Artemis smiled eagerly and didn't pay attention to anything they really said. Being young and wild, she nodded joyfully and ran out.

  She ran into her twin brother and he saw her smile. He smiled back, but quickly hid it, he knew that whenever he smiled his pearly white teeth reflected the blinding light of the sun. Artemis had gotten used to it, since her eyes were those of the Moon and she got her light from her brother. "Hera said that as long as I swear something on the River Styx, I can go explore the world with you!"Artemis chirped, her blonde hair swirling around her legs as she hopped around like a graceful deer. Apollo chuckled. But then froze a little.

  "Swear on the River Styx? Artie, that's not something to take lightly. You're not allowed to break those types of promises, you are aware of that, correct?"Apollo said lowly, concerned for his sister.

  She nodded. Apollo hesitated and then shook his head. He took his twin sister to the River Styx. She swore, but had no idea what she was swearing exactly.

  "First mission. We are going to Egypt to settle a treaty with the Egyptian gods. They will be a helpful asset when Hades or the Romans go into war against us."Apollo announced. Artemis tilted her head."Why?"

"There are over 140 Egyptian gods, I think that speaks for itself."He smiled and she punched his shoulder.

¥«« /)'*~*'(\»»¥

   Upon arriving in Egypt, Artemis quickly concluded she had no sense of happiness when in this searing weather. She couldn't bear with it, but standing next to Apollo in a heated room with no air conditioning proved worse than these conditions.

  He led her to the largest of three pyramids and they were greeted by jackal guards. As they entered, they were then greeted by a small human.

  "Lets change to our human forms, the gods here respect their worshippers as their worshippers respect them, so they take human form around their servants."Apollo whispered.

  The human forms of the twins showed no difference of them from their god forms. It was merely their new similar eye color. A swirling mercury silver. Beautiful and mesmerizing.

  Artemis put her hair into a swift braid, though it still grazed the floor. They wore the same white cloaks, their Greek attire suiting their culture. Apollo's blonde hair seemed more fiery, more burnt but red compared to Artemis with her cool calm silver streaked platinum blonde hair.

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