why do cheese puffs turn into broccoli when cows explode?????????

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one day i saw an ugly camel running away with my grilled pinaple in its mouth and i shouted give it back to me or else im calling the smurf police, at that moment the camel fell and turned into an ipod touch and i picked it up and lived a very happy life. 

One day there was a person called mary   THE END 

Do you know who i hte do you really know who i hate do you do you really wanna know oh you do emm emm ..... sorry i forget JOKE i really do remember but im not telling you ha ha ha ha ha ha 

rihanna , megan fox , cherl cole, nicki minaj,miley cyrus , pixie lott,and stacys mom who has got it going on are absolutly ugly people who every body hates JOKE but seriously if anyone does hate these people sleep with one eye open because if you dont you will be turned into donn donn donn donn.........    a marshmellow aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... 

ok i really hate simon cowell  there i told you so LEAVE ME ALONE 

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