The Best and Worst Feeling You Can Have

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...oushi...come on...

...Koushi, we'll be late to class!

Mmf --- I don't want to go to school...

Oh, shush. It's monday, and going to school is mondaytory~ did you just make an awful pun this early...

I did, and it's waaaaay cooler than you.

Whatever you say~


Mmm..ha..stop kissing me with your freshly washed mouth.

....Oho~? Why so?

I hate that you're always so hyped up for school. I don't know what's the point.

Ehhh~ because it's cool. That's why it's called sChOOL.

...I will never understand you and your coolness thing.


Mmf -- stop kissing me. Just go on and leave without me.


....or you could just stay home with me.

That I cannot approve; come on, Koushi~ 

...No. And I said stop kissing m----NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. NO TICKLING.

Mhm~? I can't hear you.


Koushi, come on; we'll be late.

Okay, okay, I will. Now stop.






As for that slightly screaming cry for mercy; I woke up to my Mom's arm pats. Now, she was just as surprised as I am.

"S-Stop what?" Mom asked me in a worrying tone. It was probably the umpteenth time that she worried for me. I didn't know how I pulled out such a troublesome son effortlessly. It's not like I wanted to be troublesome of some sorts; it's just that, it comes out naturally. Like I wanted  to be dealt with. 

I brought my hand up to my head and felt it pounding painfully. I'm not much of an early bird.

"No...Mom. It was just a dream. I'm sorry for making you worry."

"Ah, is that so? Okay." she stood up with a sigh and eventually reached out to ruffle my bed hair.  "You've got to work more on your sleeping schedule, Koucchan. You always miss your alarm clock."

"Mmm -- yes, mom." I sighed.

"I made the bath ready, please hurry up and take a bath." 

"Okay... Thanks, Mom...mmhm" I rubbed my fingers against the temples of my head, in attempt to drive the headache away. But as I expected, it did not.

I sat at the edge of my bed, palms resting against my forehead and trying my best to stay awake. Moreover, I began to worry about my dreams. These are probably the most bizarre set of dreams I could ever have in my life. It's weird; in the past few days, my dreams are somehow becoming more and more related to my other dream the day before. Sure, every dream was a different story, but wherever it is, the characters were still the same. Me and him. 

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