And her answer was

"You're in love"

I didn't want to believe it. I mean— who wants to believe when your friend tells you that you're in love with someone who isn't even your type?

But it is true

When he's around, I was always self-conscious, flustered, silly, clumsy and I felt like there are butterflies in my stomache. And of course, my heart is beating faster

And whenever he's absent, I was sad that he wasn't around, silent, and mentally absent

October 2015.. our friendship grew stronger

But my chance with him vanished

Wonder why?

Because I think his in love with my best friend

November 2015.. we had this crazy plan. That we would act like lovers

Because we want to let this 'friend' of ours get jealous or something

I know. It is crazy

He loves someone else but he 'forced' me to do it

One time we accidentally held hands. Yes, accidentally

And the time our hands met, we screamed in shock

Wanna know what happened? Well it's simple

There was some sort of 'electricity' that flowed through our bodies

We stared. And laughed. And we tried to touch each other's hand. Well, it didn't happen again

Weird right?

December 2015.. I'll tell you what happened on the 3rd day of our Foundation Day

I was in the waiting shed with a friend of mine— who's younger than me— waiting for a particular girl— another friend of ours— using my laptop

It was 10mins after our meeting time. So I decided to go to their house

I ran towards their house, since it was 30mins before the gates of the school closes

As I knocked at the door, I just walked in— well, I'm pretty close to them so it's ok. I greeted her Mom and ran upstairs to her bedroom

And there she was, having her 'beauty' sleep

I jumped on her bed many times but it didn't work. So I took a pitcher of cold water from their refrigerator downstairs

I looked at her in awe, because I woke up early for this and she's here, still sleeping

I lightly slapped her face many times and yes, it didn't work

So I took the pitcher from her bed side table, removed the cover and— with no hesitations and no mercy— splashed it on her face

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