Unexpected Love

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3 years ago.. July 2013 was the year when I met him

How? Through my best friend, which is also his best friend

She introduced me to the two of them, so that I would know her other best friends. They were a trio

Sometimes I'm hanging out with them. And we became close. Well, we were just close friends

Then we graduated from gradeschool

June 2014.. our first year of Highschool

I was hanging out with my friends

When we saw each other

He approached us and asked if I can go with them

Well, I was added in the group chat of their squad. And I didn't expect that there would be many of us, well not really many. We were around 6 or 7?

The others transferred schools. And the two of them was from their trio

I said yes, but I'll take my best friend with me

And we looked for the others

And I met all of them. The others who I only talked to online

July 2014.. was when our squad became official

August 2014.. was when I was getting these weird feelings whenever he's around

October 2014.. that's when my friend left the squad for some reasons

November 2014.. when the whole batch was practicing for a presentation, contests and such

December 2014.. it was our Foundation Day. And our hard work paid off

January 2015.. when we had a fight

We didn't give attention to each other

February 2015.. I left the squad with my friend

They were asking me what was wrong. I didn't answer

March 2015.. that's when he approached me again

He was begging me to come to the group because it doesn't seem to have a meaning when I'm not around

Not because he likes me okay

It's because we were the closest in our squad. Everything we do always had the same reason

But I didn't know what was wrong with me

I refused.

June 2015.. it was the first day of classes again

We had an eye contact. And for no good reason..

I cried.

Seeing him made me feel these mixed emotions..

He ran towards me, hugged me and said the words that I would never forget

"Don't worry, I'll always be by your side"

And that's when I realized that I missed him so much

I came back to the squad. It surprised them. But they welcomed me once again

July 2015.. once again, I felt those weird feelings

August 2015.. nothing is much more perfect than that month

September 2015.. I asked an online friend of mine about the things I always feel around him

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