"Pizza." He says, almost forgetting we have food in the microwave. He grabs a towel that was hanging on the cupboard handle and takes the plate of pizza out of the microwave and places it in front of me. It smells so good, I can feel my mouth watering.

Harry sits down next to me and rips a paper towel from the wooden roll he has them on, or his housekeeper has them on. I grab my pizza and it's not too hot, so I bite into right away. It's heaven. I've never had green peppers on a pizza before, it's delicious! I swallow my bite and take a second one and put my pizza down, reaching for my glass of wine.

"So, do you have any brothers or sisters?" I ask Harry, my mouth somewhat full. He swallows his pizza and nods.

"Yeah, I have a sister." He answers.

"What's her name?" I ask him, he sighs.

"Gemma, and yes, she's older than me. She's 28." He says and drinks some of his wine.

"What about your parents?" I ask, my curiosity taking the best of me.

"My mom's name is Anne, and my dad's name is Robert. They live about 30 minutes away from here. My sister lives in London." He says and looks at me, "Why so curious?"

I shrug my shoulders and take another bite of pizza and swallow it, "I just want to know about you."

His eyes darken, "I'm nothing special."

"Well, that's just not true." I say quietly, and blush, "Do they know you do this...hobby?"

He frowns, "Hell no. My mother would have my head. I would never tell them."

"Oh." Of course dummy, why would he tell his mom he likes to beat woman??

"Enough questions about me, what about your family? I hear you say something about your father and a brother?" He asks, smiling at me, changing the subject.

"Yeah, my dad's name is Brian, he works as a construction worker and my brother's name is Andrew, he's 17, he's on his last year of high school this year." I say, picking a piece of sausage off of my pizza.

"Your mother?" He asks, I look up at him.

"Well, when I was born, she had gotten breast cancer, and we had thought it was gone. But when she had Andrew, it came back again. And it just.. It wasn't going good this time.. She died when I was 6." I say, sadly. Trying to remember my mother, "Her name is Jill, I used to have this necklace with her name on it, but Niall ruined it one time."

"Oh. I'm so sorry." He says, frowning, grabbing my hand and squeezing it, "And about your necklace, I'm sorry too. That's so fucked up."

"It's okay, really. She's my Guardian Angel now, so it's okay." I smile a little one, squeezing his hand back.

"Do you have a step-mother?" Harry asks, tilting his head.

"No, my dad never dated or seen anyone else after my mom died. I don't know why." I say, "Maybe my mom was all he ever wanted, he didn't need anyone else." I smile at the thought, though it makes me sad.

There's a buzzing sound that erupts on the table, Harry's blackberry. He frowns and his eyebrows crease as he picks it up.

"What?" He snaps into the phone.

I don't hear the other person talking as Harry sighs out loud. I grab my wine and take a drink and stare at the refrigerator in front of me.

"Barney, you said you would be able to fix this!" Harry yells into the phone, I look over at him and he looks at me.

"Hold on, Barney." He says, "I'll be right back, just a business deal I have to work out."

"It's okay, go. Figure it out." I smile. He does the same and gets up and walks out of the kitchen, leaving me alone to eat the rest of my pizza.

I'm sitting with my head on my hands and my elbows up on the table, staring at the sink now. The fridge got boring. It's been an hour since Harry has came out from wherever he is. Either he's sleeping, or this phone call was really that important. I find this very rude that he just left me sitting out here like this for an hour. He could have at least came out and told me he'd be long! It's almost 1 in the morning.

Screw this, I'm going to bed. If he wanted me to come over then he shouldn't have taken the phone call, no matter if it was business or not.... Look at me, I'm acting like I'm his girlfriend when I'm not. I'm not even his submissive yet. The thought of this saddens my mood even more now.

I get up and put the plate and wine glass in the sink. I grab my stuff that I brought and hold onto it while I walk down the hallway.

Part of me really wants to find Harry and see if everything is okay, but the other part of me is pissed off and annoyed at him for leaving me alone for an hour doing nothing. I walk up to his bedroom door and pause in front of it. Debating on whether I should sleep in there or just go to the bedroom I've been given. I love sleeping with Harry, but he doesn't. He doesn't like a lot things.

Sighing, I walk passed the door and into my bedroom. I turn on the light and the room is lit. It's not a bad room, but I'd rather be sleeping with Harry. I set my stuff down on the nightstand and pull the covers so I can get in. I shimmy out if my pants and fold then and set them on the nightstand as well. I get in the bed and grab my phone on top of the pile of stuff I brought. I turn the light on the stand off and my phone is the only source of light. I open up iBooks and start reading my book again as I fall asleep.

This is not how I pictured tonight at all.

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