Chapter 1- finding my mate

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I picked my cellphone and head to the kitchen

"Good morning queen" Mary greeted

"You know you're like a mother to me and I already told you to call me by my name" I said

"When are you going to search for your mate" she asked me

"I don't know" I'll never search because this soul mate thing sucks and I don't want to fall in love to get my heart broken in the end

"You need someone"

"I can get any girl I want" I smirked only to receive a slap in my head

"Ouch, that hurts and you shouldn't beat your queen"

"You are stubborn sometimes and your parents wouldn't be happy to see you spending your eternity alone"

"But I'm only 123 years" I pouted like a child

"You may be the youngest queen and vampire but you're old enough to have a mate"

"Well there's no point in arguing with you but I don't like the idea of falling in love because love makes us weak and vulnerable" I said starting to get annoyed at this mate thing, I don't need a mate

"Love makes us strong not weak"

"Yeah, my parents died because they fell in love, that proves how strong they were" I said sarcastically

"Don't you ever speak about them like that because they sacrificed themselves to protect you" she replayed looking very pissed off an I was shocked to see her so angry, never in my 123 years I saw her so angry

"Sorry it's just I feel guilt" I said ashamed of my behavior

"You don't have to feel guilt because they loved you" she said hugging me

"Okay" I replayed shortly

"Are you going to stand there or look for you mate?" she said

"After having breakfast" I answered grinning, Mary glared at me

"Fine I'm going to have a meeting then I'll go" I replayed

"I'm sure you'll have a nice mate" she said smiling

"Bye" I said walking away

"Bye" she said

I had to the meeting room and everyone was already there, great I'm late and they will scold me

"Good morning everyone, sorry I'm late" I said

"Good morning" they replayed

"You are late" Lenin said, he doesn't miss a day to piss me off

"I know and I already apologized so let's get started" I replayed annoyed

"But" Lenin was starting to speak again so I cut him off

"Well, I will be leaving for a couple days and Alexander will be in charge of everything" as I was speaking Lenin cutted me off what is his problem

"Where are you going?" Lenin asked I'm really pissed, this guy doesn't know when to shut

"If you speak again while I'm still speaking I'll rip your head" I said calmly but inside I feel like a granade ready to detonate

"Sorry my queen" Lenin said bowing

"I'll be searching for my mate, does anyone have a question?" I said and waited for them to speak

"So since nobody has a question you're all dismissed" I said standing up and everyone come saying I made the right decision except for Lenin and his friend they just glared at me

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