Battle for Loveland

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"Bang Bang !!" The three princesses were awoken by a banging on the front door . "The battle axe won't work. There's nails in it ." They heard an say. "If it won't chop down, then knock it down !" They heard another Ablivian knight ordered. Sir Charles  burst into the room "My Ladies, we're under attack . Stay here and if need be , scream ." He ordered. Then he left to fight off the enemy. The girls took out their quiver of arrows and bows. They were to fire at the slightest movement of the door. "Zzt" Josephine and Rosette heard something fly past her. She looked behind her. It was an arrow with a green substance on it. She looked at the small narrow window. "Archers !" Rosette cried. "Beta guard the door and we'll guard you." Josephine ordered. The two girls began two shoot at the window. An arrow missed Rosette by a hair, but she was so focused on the fight at hand she didn't realize that it went past her. The two girls heard a scream. They saw Beta on the floor trying to get the arrow out of her shoulder. Rosette came to her friends side while Josephine defended them. Rosette pulled the arrow out of her shoulder, and the wound began to bubble. Her veins began to turn purple and pulse. The arrows were poisoned. "Poison !" Rosette cried in horror. "I'm running out of ammo here. " Josephine informed as she shot another arrow. Just then Ablivian knights. "Surrender and we'll help your friend. Don't, then you may watch your friend die. "Josephine looked at Rosette "Well , you think we should ?" Rosette nodded. The two princesses stood up with their hands in the air. Then both of them screamed "HEEEELP !!!!" Nobody came . The knights smirked and came closer to them. Both of them felt a sharp pain in the back of their heads. Then everything went dark.

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