Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

"Hi! Welcome to Boston University. My name is Karen and I'll be your Freshman Guide! What's your name?"

I unloaded my suitcase from the back of the taxi, turning to face the bubbly blonde girl standing next to me. Her ponytail bouncing, she carried a clipboard and plastered an ear-to-ear grin on her face. Her lipstick was bubblegum pink and shimmering in the sun. All around us, other boarding students unloaded their stuff from either their or their parents cars.I felt awkward, unloading my stuff from a taxi. Pitch Perfect moment, much? Honestly, who turned me into Becca?

"Ember. Ember Rhinehart."

Karen nodded, looking down at her clipboard and flipping pages, no doubt looking for my name. She smiled and pointed to somewhere on the paper.

"Ah, here you are. Ember Rosemarie Rhinehart, dorm number 375 in Augustine hall."

I nodded, leaning on my suitcase. In the driver's seat, Eddie (I learned his name shortly before we arrived here) sat, listening to his country music. Karen waited until I paid (and thanked) Eddie to continue. She made a sweeping gesture with her hand that I assumed was follow me. My suspicions were confirmed when she started walking towards the campus and away from all the unloading cars and tearful parent-child goodbyes. From what I saw, this area was for freshmen only. Shit. I'm a freshman. Bottom of the pack. That sucks. 

"So, Ember, where're you from?"

I thought about my (slight) cover.

"Washington DC."

Karen smiled even wider. Okay, I know she's trying to be friendly, but I'm feeling a bit creeped out. 

"Cool! Do you live near the White House?" she asked me as we walked through Boston U's campus.

Yes, yes I do. We're practically neighbors. I gave her half of my attention as I studied the campus. Being situated in the middle of Boston, it didn't have miles and miles of greenery. Yet, on the areas where there were greenery, older students and freshmen like me greeted friends or people they knew. Somewhere in the distance, a group of guys were rating the girls that passed by. When Karen and I passed by, they whistled and flashed cards with the number ten painted on them in black paint. I smirked while Karen gave them the finger.  

"Damn! We got ourselves a sexy little freshman this year!" one of them called out.

I chuckled, amused. If only they knew who I was dating. How would Joshua react to this...well...they wouldn't have their beers anymore. Just a lot of bruises and/or broken bones. Oh, Joshua.

"I guess so." I answered nonchalantly as we turned a corner around one of the boys dormitories.

"I've always wanted to visit DC. I'm from Oklahoma."

So now the accent makes sense. I kinda guessed she was from the south already. 

"Cool. I went there one summer with my brother, Miles. It was nice."

Miles? Really, Ember? I scolded myself inwardly. Wow, I screwed up. My fake brother was supposed to be named Travis! Fortunately, she doesn't know any better. She just smiled as we walked along.

"Huh, yeah. Nice if you like dried out pastures, barely any rain, and steamin' hot summers. The county I grew up in wasn't as pretty as the others. But, it did me well."

I nodded. I opened my mouth to speak, but we arrived at a building with a sign. The building was brick and rectangular, with pristine cut angles and sides. Not a brick stuck out of place. A sign above the gray double doors read Augustine in big white letters. The doors were propped open, revealing hallways full of girls meeting their roommates and settling in. Karen handed me a paper from her clipboard. 

"375 will be on the third floor, down the hall, to your right. It's easy to find." 

I nodded, smiling and thanking her. Karen smiled sweetly one more time before practically skipping away to go aid other freshmen. Sighing, I grabbed my suitcase and braced myself. I just hope my roommate isn't a complete bitch. Better yet, not a bitch at all. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

(Hey guys! Sorry if this sucks! I have never been to college-not yet, at least- so I have to rely on movies, TV shows, books, and other sources *cough* *cough* my parents to find out how to write this particular scene. Vote and comment! To anyone who's in college, or has gone to college, either PM me or comment what you think of this chapter. I want it to be as accurate as possible. Enjoy!) -Bella :) 

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