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You sigh and push open the big, heavy doors to your school. You dreaded coming to school today, you just wanted to get back in your warm bed, but that isn't the only reason why you dread coming to school. It's Chloe, the bleach blonde rich brat that feeds off of people's anger and sadness. She makes fun of people, especially you. You are her main target.  Everyday, her and her little friend point out your flaws, try their best to embarrass you, and threaten you. Nobody seems to care that you are being bullied, they just stand by and watch.

You walk by the two mean girls with your head lowered so they couldn't see your face, but they aren't so easily fooled. "Oh look, it's little miss attention seeker" Chloe called.

She must've saw your post about how sad and depressed you've been. You curse under your breath and wish that you hadn't posted anything on social media.

"Listen up little miss 'I'm so sad and alone'" Chloe said, pinning you up against the wall. "Nobody cares about you or the way you feel, and you know it! So why are you posting sad and pathetic stuff on the Internet? Are you expecting some kind words that you know you're never gonna get?" Chloe and her friend laughs.

You close your eyes and try to fight the tears, but you failed. Tears stream down your face.

She laughs. "Stop crying like a little baby! I have no pity for you and neither does anyone else here!"

Suddenly, someone calls Chloe's name. "Chloe!"

She turns her attention to the sound of the voice. You look and see a boy, right about your age with saggy blond hair. He's wearing a striped black shirt with a pear of blue jeans.

"Adrien!!!" Chloe cheers in an ear piercing high pitched tone. "Babe!"

He ignores her and says, "why are you being so mean to that poor girl?"

"Umm, because she deserves it?" Chloe and her friend laugh and glare at you. "She's just a little attention whore, that's all"

More tears fill your eyes when she said those hurtful words. You get up and run off sobbing loudly, not caring about everyone judging you as you run pass them. You run outside to the back of the school building and sob. You curl up into a ball and sob into your knees. You hug yourself, wanting to feel love and comfort for once. No one was ever there for you, and you don't think no one ever will be there for you.

You wipe your tears and look at your reflection in a puddle. Your eyes are bloodshot red and there are tear marks on your cheek. A single tear drops into the puddle, making your reflection wavy. When your reflection starts to come back into clear view, you see that same blond kid standing behind you. You gasp and turn around. "Get away from me!" You shout.

"No, no!" He says. "I-I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to make sure that you're alright"

He puts a hand on your shoulder, but you quickly shove it away. "No. I'm not alright. I haven't been 'alright' in years!"

The boy reminds silent for a moment, not knowing what to say. He sighs and says, "hey, I'm sorry about Chloe"

"Thanks, but that's not going to stop her from making my life a living nightmare" you said, turning your back away from the boy. "I just don't see why she has to be so mean to me" you whisper.

Suddenly, you feel someone turn you around and pull you in a tight embrace. You you shocked at first, but you decided to give in. You cry into his neck. "Shh it's alright" he says in a soft tone. "I'm here, and I'll always be here when you need me"

Your eyes widen. "R-really?" You said in shock. He pulls away and nods with a smile. "I-I've never had a friend before"

"Heh, me neither considering that I've never actually been to a school before, and today is my first day" the boy said while scratching behind his head. "Except for Chloe. I've known her all my life, but she's not really a-...hmm....how do I say this in a nice way? Hmm, well, she's not exactly a good friend"

You both chuckle. "Umm YEAH!" You laugh.

"By the way, what's your name?" He asks.

"Y/N. Yours?"

"Adrien" he smiles. "We should be heading to class now" you nod and you both walk to the entrance. Adrian opens the door for you. "m'lady" he said with a smirk.

"Ooh you're such a gentleman" you say while walking in.

As you and Adrien were walking to class, you couldn't help but smile! You felt so much better now. It feels like all your sadness and anger had disappeared

And it was all because if Adrien.

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