Y/n's first time...

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Josh and I walked inside the house as I sigh happily. Today was pretty busy but it was a great day. I loved today. I turned on the tv as I noticed Josh already sat down. I hummed as I moved my hips a little along the beat I humming. I turned on some random show and stood there for a moment.

After a couple seconds walked over to Josh and sat in his lap laying my head on his chest. I smiled. "Today was amazing you know?" I run my hand up his shirt and touch his chest like I normally do. "Yeah it was great." Josh said as I moved a little making me move with him.

I frowned for a moment,"What's wrong Josh?" He shakes his head and looks at me,"Oh nothing's wrong y/n." I turn to face him as I hold onto his shirt staying on his lap. "Somethings wrong..." I move a little again on his lap causing Josh to groan a little as he closes his eyes.

"Are you... Are you umm h-hard?" I whisper as I point down. Josh starts to blush as he looks at me again nodding slowly. I turn a little red before I start to smirk getting an idea.

I reach down and grab him through this pants, starting to Palm him as I lean close to his ear whispering,"And how did you get hard baby?" His breath hitches,"Fr-from when you were moving your ass like that and it got me thinking..."

I bite my lip as I keep going. "Yeah and what did it make you think of?" He bucks up his hips as a quiet moan escapes. "Mmm... Fuck.. It got me thinking about the things I would be able to do to you." I stop palming him and reach up, unbuttoning his pants. "And you want to do these things to me now?"

Josh looks down at my hand as he nods,"Only if you let me y/n." I pull down his pants all the way as I look down at him starting to pull Josh's boxers down. "Wait are you sure you want to do it here for your first time? I know you're a virgin." I nod and pull down his boxers, my eyes widening as I see Josh's thick and fully erect cock.

I stand up right in front off Josh. "Pull your shirt off Josh." I say. He pulls it off quickly. Then I slowly pull my shirt off keeping my lacy bra on and pulls off my skirt and panties down in one swift motion. I climb back on top of Josh's lap holding onto his shoulders.

"Are you ready y/n?" Josh says. I smile and look at Josh nodding,"I'm very ready." He smiles and kisses me softly placing himself at my entrance, grabbing my hips and slowly starts pulling me down.

I scrunch up my face whining softly at the unfamiliar feeling. I rest my head in the crook of Josh's neck as he slides me all the way down. I take a moment to breath. Josh runs a hand through my hair,"Everything okay?" I nod and look at Josh.

After a couple seconds the pain goes away and it's all pleasure. I slowly start to move up and down moaning softly. Josh bites his lip, his grip a little tighter on my hips. I start moving faster digging my nails into Josh's shoulders a bit.

"Ahh Josh please.. Go hard.." I moan out making Josh thrust in the same rhythm as my movements. He starts going quickly and hits my special shot. My eyes widen as I moan loudly "Josh there! Hit it again please!" I beg digging deeper in his shoulders.

Josh does as I say and hitting hitting against it hard. I feel a warm feeling in my stomach. "Josh I'm close." He runs his hand through my hair again. "Hold it just for a moment, wait a minute." He pants out. I nod trying to hold it back as I wait for his permission.

Josh keeps thrusting faster and harder making me a moaning mess. "Now y/n." Josh finally says. I try to speak but nothing comes out as I close my eyes and come. I take deep breaths and a few thrusts later Josh comes inside me.

He rides out our highs with a few sloppy thrusts before we both stop moving. I giggle and look at him. "Well that was fun." I say making he laugh. "Yeah it was a lot of fun." I climb off his lap and sit next to him covering up with a blanket as he wraps his arms around me.


Authors note: Sorry if this is crap. It's been awhile since I wrote anything like this. I hope you enjoyed it!

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