A Shane Dawson Miracle (A Shoey Fanfiction)

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A Shane Dawson Miracle (A Shoey Fanfiction)

By ForgottenMemories14 (E.J.)

(Copyrighted 2013) (c)


Shane Dawson, otherwise known under the alias Shane Lee Yaw, seized Lisa Schwartz’s shoulders in pure impish spirit, caressing her blonde hair and pressing his lips gently against the top of her head. “Shane!” She admonished, but the tone of her voice promised a smile. Shane fell victim to her melodious influence. He wrapped his secure arms around her neck, breathing in the scent of cloying molasses. “Second Anniversary,” Lisa reminded him, drifting back in her seat to share a gaze with her boyfriend. “I’d never forget.” Shane slowly withdrew.

And yet, everything felt artificial that morning. As if overnight his love had been replaced by an ethereal mixture, and his heart had become someone else’s prisoner.

Save for whom?

Joey Graceffa. That was who. With his lanky, brawny stature and eyes the exact mirage of the sea. His hair comparable to a flame which sprouted from the sun. Yet why? Did ever man have an episode of his life where he was suddenly infatuated with one of the same sex? Shane cupped his hands to his head, considerably shaken.

“Shane?” Her fleecy note awoke him. He raised his head bashfully to detect the unmistakable concern etched along the tender lines of her face. “I have to go for a bit.” He would not-could not pronounce this official. Unleash news that would devastate, unless he knew for sure.

Shane snatched up his keys, slamming shut the driver’s door of his car. Hair unkempt, cheeks a ruddy sanguine, forcing himself to omit a Lisa in his wake.


The morning had reigned over the skies with a cerulean blue, blotching the canvas only with plumate tufts of cloud. Sun grew to shadow the copper lines and grounded asphalt pavement. Shane Dawson drove on, his pallid fingers gripping the steering wheel, regret and anxiety battling for supremicay in his thoughts. The air was balmy and white, Autumn had blessed California with an array of colors, a collected portrait. But something surfaced inside Shane-something far more gray and frozen than the world around him.  Everything was sunless.

Why Joey? Of all people, why is it the boy I only kissed once? Shane started. He’s so innocent; I’m so much more wild than him. How could anything of this occur?

Before he could attain his sense, Shane pulled into a parking spot in front of the Graceffa-Hartman residency. He slammed the driver’s door, knocking tersely on Joey’s door.

Moments later a perplexed Joey was standing at the threshold, staring into Shane’s eyes. “Shane? Is everything alright?” Stuttered Joey.

“I…. Joey…” Shane gasped, unstrung and senseless. So unlike himself, his brain was jokeless. It was as if someone had bound his body, stitched closed his lips. Then he breathed, and the intangible coils around his chest loosened. “My heart no longer feels real, Joey. One moment I feel destined to be with Lisa, the next I want to be with you…”

There! He had said it! He watched the cognition lock into Joey’s flawless profile.

“Shane…” Joey said slowly.

Shane shut his eyes, the rejection was palpable.

“You don’t know how many nights I’ve had to mull this over.” An inch of air separated their lips.

And with this, the boy of Shane's dreams spoke the words that would encompass so much more.  

“I love you, Shane.”


I know, its a horrible start. I don't usually write fanfictions openly about two people in a relationship. Most of them are private, but I wanted to share this one. If you want to, please criticize what you think might need some work, but I will not accept trolling posts. 

(If you want me to post more, please let me know in the comments section.)

Thank you for your time,


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