The Arrivals

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Three princesses were arriving at knights' castle,Loveland Castle. The reason why they were going to this castle is to stay safe from the violent, strong Ablivians. Their kingdoms are at war with the dreaded barbarians. Unfortunately , the Ablivians are larger in numbers than all of their kingdoms combined. "Josephine , do you think that it will be safe at Loveland Castle ?" A twelve year old girl with light , fine blonde hair asked . Her name was Princess Beta of Nivia. "I guess so." A sixteen year old girl with long brown hair said. She was Princess Josephine of Lyan. "What do you think Rosette ?" Josephine asked. Princess Rosette of Azura was a thirteen year old girl with thick blonde hair. "I honestly don't know. I heard that there are nails under the wood off the door. So... maybe" She answered. Beta exclaimed "Look ! That's the castle !" The castle was only two stories high. "Well it's........smaller than I imagined." Josephine stated. Knights came descended out of the castle. The carriage came to a halt . A knight came out of the group helped them down and bowed "Princesses, we are honored to have you as our guests." The girls looked around . There was a river flowing happily. There was a garden with beautiful flowers all around. A canopy of vines with orange and red flowers hung over a stone bench. "Wow !" Rosette exclaimed. "How beautiful ." Declared Beta. "Cool !" Said Josephine. "Glad you like the castle." The same knight said. "Thank you for having us here ,Sir...." Josephine's voice trailed off. "Sir Charles, My Ladies." Said the knight. "Like the name; has a nice ring to it." Beta said. "It does. The name Sir Charles rolls off the tongue." Rosette interjected. Sir Charles looked pleased. "Thank you, My Ladies. Shall I show you to your room ?" He asked with a gesture to follow him. The door was a thick double Dutch door and a wicket door with lots of locks. They carefully climbed up tall , narrow stairs that were meant to keep the enemies down stairs or possibly kill them. The knight led them to a room that also had a thick door. It was small but large enough for the three of them . There was a bed that was draped in a velvety green comforter. The room was rounded so that made it felt smaller than it was . "I'm sorry for the tight squeeze , but this is the only pleasant place we have." He apologized. Even though it was not fit for a princess, more less for three princesses , it was still somewhat enchanting. Sir Charles gave them two soft woolly blankets. "There is a fire pit out by the river. There will be a roast down there at six-thirty." Then he left.
When he left another knight came in with three suit cases. One for each of them . Then left. Once he left each of them took out a quiver of arrows and a bow out of their bags. "Now we're ready for an attack." Josephine said. "Girls we need to get ready for the roasting. " Rosette reminded.
The roasting was a happy time. They ate a roasted hog. Then sang songs. It was all fun but eventually the meal ended. Josephine, since she was the oldest slept in the bed while Beta and Rosette slept on the woolly blankets on the floor.

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