Chapter 14: After surgery and telling Jaylie.

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So I'm thinking about quitting this book.


I might make a sequel.

Ok enough returning lets get on with the chapter.


Justin POV:
It hurt me to see Jaylie being wheeled into that operating room. It hurt me to know that she's Autistic, dyslexic and cancerous.

And she doesn't ever know.

" Jaylie Bieber?"

I stood up

" the surgery went well as you know she is going to lose her hair and she is going to be very drowsy and tired She is in the recovery room if you want to see her."
I walked in
I saw her wake up.
" daddy ?" she said
My eyes widen. I smile the biggest smile ever.
I went and sat next to her on the bed  being very careful not to sit on the tubes that are connected to her IV.
"I wanna go home" she said
" I don't think we can for a little while baby. We might be here for a few weeks"
" but why?" She asked
Of course she had to ask the question I've been dreading to answer.
"Well honey" I began. Then I told her. By the end she was sobbing and holding her hair. " I have Cancer and I gonna lose my hair" she said still crying. I hold her. The nurse comes in, looks at me and mouths "did you tell her?" I nodded. She closed the door and let us have our moment.

Maybe it was the drugs or she meant it, but she still called me daddy.

Alright so sorry it is short. School ended today and I'm going to Wyoming for vacation.

But should I continue this book and make Jaylie a little older or should I just stop it now and maybe make a sequel?

Please answer I love to read your comments

I'm so very sorry for tricking you guys I won't ever do it again

Unless you really want me too


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