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Ashton POV

I slammed Sammy against the fience boiling hot that she pushed me. I then came to realization to what I was doing once I saw how frighten she was.
"I'm sorry I - I just don't like to be hit" I say while brushing her off.
"It's straight I guess" Sammy says
I look down at her sweaty abs and instantly got a tingling feeling in my stomach
She then brushes past me and grabs her things before exiting the court.
In deep thoughts I finally deciding to walk up to my house.

I turn on the bath water and put baby soap in to create bubbles. I slowly take off my shirt the hook my phone up to my speaker and play lil uzi.
After taking off my remaining clothes I get inside the tub and rest my head against the top of the tube and close my eyes and start thinking my life over.
See my parents died when I was 15. Me, my dad and mom went out to eat to this nice pizza place where you make your own pizza to celebrate my in the playoffs. Everything was going good, we were a happy family until we walked out....


"Good job buddy! I'm so proud of the way you made all those 3pointers!" My father says as he throws his arm around me with a hug
My mama just smiles and kisses my temple and says "I love you baby, some day you'll play in front of everyone makin me and father very proud"
5mins after this beautiful family moment we hear tires screeching and a all black car coming around the corner and slams on the breaks in front of us.
2men in all black jump out the car with big guns pointing at my dad
"You got that half a million you owe us?!" They say while pushing him against the wall checking his pockets
My mother bends down to my level and whispers "Run sweetie Run! And don't stop!"
I look at my mom with teary eyes knowing I was about to lose my family
She gives me her necklace and my father slips his wedding ring off and hands it off to me. "I love you" I mouth to the both then start taking off to an alley. Once I get around the corner I hear multiple shots fired..
I jumped the fence as my leg gets caught on the fence and makes a long deep cut.

Flashback over

I tears start slippin from my eyes as I jump up to take a look at the scare on my leg. Ever since then I've been very quite but have a huge temper and zero patience. Nobody knows about what happen to my parents. I always just tell people there on vacation. I've live to make my parents proud and become the best WNBA player ever just like my mom told me to do.

I get out of the tub and dry myself off before slipping in a sports bra and some boxer briefs. I cut the music off and put my phone on the charger before getting in my bed and dozing off.

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