The Bad Boy's Good Girl

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"Hey Camera Girl," I turn around see Drew Steele, the 'leader' of the "Heart Breakers". Sure, he's attractive, tousled light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. " You forget something."

I look at his outstretched hands.

My camera.

"Th-" I start.

"Get to your class, Dylan," Mr. Clears says, looking up. I scowl before hurrying out the door.


My Camera.


Dylan Scott is your average girl. She's a photographer, and hopes to go far with her photography. Drew Steel is your average bad ass. He won't take hit from anyone, and has probably broken a law or two.

What happens when Drew happens to take Dylan's camera? How far will Dylan go to get her 'baby' back?



I love this book, it's amazeballs. I have it in here, and I'm gonna start reading it again, so read along with me yeah? Meet me in the comment section. ;)

It's probably one of my top favorites on here.

Author: xXCrashingXx

Status: Completed

Rate: Bacon <3

P.S My fat ass always thinking about food.  Haha

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