One of you? *winx club fanfic*

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Lilly's POV: Wow. The Love and Pet shop was beautiful. I guess they thought they would be staying longer, because when we got upstairs their rooms were set up perfectly.
"Come on Lilly."
"Bloom where are we goING..."
Bloom dragged me into a blank room.
"This will be your room. Now what's your fav color?"
"Hot pink."
She waved her hand and the walls turned pink.
"What color do you want your bed to be?"
All day we did this until it finally was finished. I had navy blue and hot pink striped walls, a light and hot pink bed, a wooden dresser, a light blue curtain around my bed. It was perfect. I hugged Bloom.
"Your welcome now get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to Alfea and you get sick when you fly in a hover craft for the first time. You also probably will have jet lag from going to a different dimension."
"Bloom what will we do when we get to Alfea?"
"We will get you settled into the dorm and then we will go to Sparks and you will meet my parents. Lilly if you were adopted I believe they could be your parents too."
"Ok Bloom. Goodnight."
She left and I got into bed.
Wow so much had happened today. I found out I was a fairy and now I'm going to a college in another dimension.
Pearl hopped up onto the bed.
"Oh pearl how could I forget about you?"
I played with her for a few minutes and then fell asleep.

Bloom's POV: When I woke up my earth mom was shaking me.
"Mom? What are you doing here?"
I was too tired to be polite.
"We came to drop off Keko before you left."
"But we are in a different town. Why did you come from Gardenia?"
I was starting to wake up.
"Keko kept waking us up to take him to you and I couldn't handle any more loss of sleep."
"Sorry about that." Keko hopped on my bed and started jumping around.
I picked him up and snuggled with him. I went downstairs with mom and we had coffee and doughnuts. Then she said goodbye and left.
Keko ran down the stairs.
Huh? Awe Pearl was chasing him around. I picked them both up.
"Come on. You two have to get along. You can be friends."


I grabbed my phone.

D: hi Bloom
B: Daphne!
D: yeah. So faragona called about our little sister
B: yeah. I'm so confused how could she have ended up on earth? And she looks just like me. Could she really be our sister? And if so how could mom and dad not know that they had another baby?
D: *hesitation* Bloom there is something you should know. She is our sister. And mom and dad did have another baby.
B: wh...why didn't you tell me?
D: because we thought she had died when the ancestral witches attacked sparks. We all were two sad to talk about it but now we know she is alive. You don't remember because you were older than her but still very young.
B: but how did she get to earth?
D: in the castle there is a room of portals as you know. She crawled through one and it took her to earth. Someone found her, left her at an orphanage and left. She was later adopted by a human couple and they raised her as their own baby.
B: wow
D: yeah I know

"Bloom?" There was a voice from upstairs.

B: Daphne I have to go. See ya tonight. Give kisses to mom and dad for me ok?
D: ok bye.

I turned to find Lilly.
"Hi," I said "I didn't know you were up."
She sat down and I gave her some coffee and some doughnuts.
"So what are we doing today?"
I smiled.
"We are going to Alfea. Techna got a person to buy this place so we have to pack up as soon as everyone gets breakfast."
"After we get to Alfea and set up your dorm, we are going to Sparks. You will meet some people and we will be staying there till the beginning of term."
She nodded and went upstairs to pack up her things.

Lilly's POV: After everything had been packed and we were ready to go. We had to leave early in the morning so no one would see a giant space ship picking up seven girls in their backyard. Finally I saw a ship come down and land.
Woah. Awesome. We stepped on board and I was attacked by some dude.
"Hey Bloom are you wearing something new? It's nice. I mean not like your other clothes are not nice. You, umm, I-"
I cut him off.
"I have no idea who you are and I'm not Bloom."
I walked away and sat in an empty seat. Stella was laughing and have me a high 5. When I looked back he was so confused. Wow. Bloom and I are basically twins. Bloom came on the ship. Oh this was gonna be good.
"Hey Sky."
"Uhh yeah we've been dating for like, 5 years?"
"Oh I thought you were a clone."
"What are you talking about?"
Stella, Flora and I burst out laughing.
We rolled on the floor, cried and even couldn't breathe we were laughing so hard.
"Ohhhhhh. Sky that's my sister Lilly."
She giggled and walked over to me.

"Lilly I have to admit that was funny but don't make him strain his itty bitty mind ok?"
We laughed. It wasn't long before we were in the magic dimension. We stopped at Magix city and walked to the bus station.
"Come on. PLEASE!"
I turned around.
"Musa PLEASE go shopping with me!"
"Stella we have to get to Alfea, headmistress is waiting for us to get back from the mission."
We took a bus to Alfea. Wow. It was beautiful. There was a gigantic school in front of me. We walked through the gate. I think we were a bit late. Oops. Headmistress was already giving a speech. We ran to the back of the crowd. I heard Aisa and Bloom whispering.
"How many minutes till Simone sees us?"
"I'll give it a few seconds...5....4....3...2...1..-"
"Now please welcome up the winx!"
Everyone stopped, stared and cheered.
I was about to stay back when Bloom pulled me to come up there. She went I the stand as I stood with Stella.
"Hey everybody!"
They cheered.
"As you know we are the winx and we have come to kick some evil butt and protect all of us!"
More cheering.
"Please welcome the newest winx, Lilly."
She pointed to me and there was a lot of cheering. Wow was I gonna be popular here? Bloom gave the stand back to headmistress.
"Thank you winx and welcome one and all to a new year at Alfea!" We started to run inside. I had no clue why. I just followed Bloom. Then I knew. We were swarmed my a lot of girls wanting autographs and pictures of the famous winx.
Somehow we escaped the people and went to set up my dorm. We went to a door and Bloom knocked. A girl with pink hair opened the door and hugged Bloom.
"Hey Roxy I didn't think you would be back from princess training."
"Yeah. My mom didn't want me to miss the first day of Alfea."
"We this is my sister Lilly and she will be in the dorm with us but I wanted you to meet each other."
She pointed to me and I waved at the Roxy girl.
"Hey I'm Roxy nice to meet you. So I hear your from earth too?"
I spoke up.
"Yeah Bloom and the winx found me at my house."
"I know Bloom has her ways of finding people, it was annoying when they had their Believix powers because they could basically track me anywhere."
I laughed and so did Roxy, Bloom rolled her eyes.
"Roxy we have to go set up her room but I'll see ya around ok?"
And we were off.

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